Dwayne Johnson Jokingly Invokes Trump To Congratulate Michael B. Jordan For Sexiest Man Alive Title!

Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram to congratulate PEOPLE’S 2020 Sexiest Man Alive. The Jumanji actor took to Instagram on Friday and posted a picture of himself in People’s latest issue. Dwayne Johnson was PEOPLE’S Sexiest Man Alive in 2016; he congratulated the newly Crowned SMA, Michael B. Jordan, by invoking the words of President Donald Trump.

Dwayne Johnson posted the section where he talks about living each day to the fullest and a snap of Michael B. Jordan on the cover. After the congratulatory message, he added, “I CONCEDE NOTHING.” 

The former Sexiest Man alive actively endorsed Biden in the 2020 presidential elections. He cited an excerpt of Trump’s tweet after the elections. Even though the results were in favor of Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden, Donald Trump is questioning the legitimacy of Biden’s triumph. We also see Rudy Giuliani making comments about how the results are not legit; this indeed gave the SNL viewers good laughter! 

Michael B. Jordan pocketed the PEOPLE’S annual Sexiest Man Alive title after Idris Elba, John Legend, Blake Shelton, and Dwayne Johnson. In the SMA issue, Johnson revealed why and which is his favorite part of the day.

The Moon knight star opened up about his kids and wife. He stated that his favorite time of the day is just before sunrise when the babies are sleeping in their bed. He utilizes that time to do some productive work in his office, and then they wake up and call him for breakfast. 

Johnson also told us that when his babies are asleep, he “Netflix and Chill” with his wife and a glass of Teremana. He joked about not saying anymore; otherwise, he might get into trouble. It looks like Johnson is living the time of his life; if you are also thinking about enjoying Netflix with a glass of your favorite tequila brand, have a look at what you can watch on Netflix. Grab a Pepsi if you are underage though!

Jordan also shared his family’s reaction about the title, and he said that his grandmother used to collect it, and now her mother reads it a lot, and his aunts as well. He said that this is the one they’re definitely gonna have a special place for.

He just got the title of Sexiest Man Alive, and he said that it’s a cool feeling, just a cool feeling! He also shared that everybody used to joke that he probably won’t ever get this, but now he certainly feels good to be a part of the club!

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