Rapper Lil Wayne Met With Trump on a plan for Black America Days Ahead of Election; Causes Confusion On Social Media!

Trump administration is pulling the celebrities one by one; Lil Wayne has jumped in to join the fellow rappers to support Donald Trump. Lil Wayne AKA Lil Weezy tweeted a picture with Donald Trump on 30th October 2020. He announced that he had a meeting with President Donal Trump, and he supports Trump’s Platinum Plan to assist Black Americans. Lil Wayne added that besides what Trump has done so far with criminal reform, Platinum Plan would bring real ownership to the community; Trump listened to Lil Wayne and assured him that Trump could and will get it done. From the looks of it, Lil Wayne believed what Trump said.

This tweet was enough to create a buzz on social media, and now Lil Wayne is facing the inevitable heat from the fans! One of the big names among the critics was Curtis James Jackson, AKA 50 Cent. Curtis might be thinking that he made a mistake commenting on the photo; Curtis tweeted that he would have never taken that picture. However, people came at him with a picture of him and Trump from back when Curtis used to Support Trump.

Sarah Cooper, known for her lip sync videos of Donald Trump, her show “Everything’s Fine,” was also released recently on Netflix, called Lil Wayne dumb for believing the words of Donald Trump. She didn’t go into the details of why she is Calling him dumb, maybe because Lil Wayne is trusting the person who suggested to inject disinfectants to cure Coronavirus.

Lil Wayne talked about the platinum plan and that it will help the Black community in the upcoming years, but he neither provided clarity about how Trump is planning to implement the so-called Platinum Plan, nor he told us what exactly Trump has done with criminal reforms.

Lil Wayne is just another rapper supporting Donald Trump; apparently, there is a long line of rappers who shook Trump’s hand. Kanye West’s biggest song Stronger landed on 31st July 2007. West was also a Trump supporter, and he also had a meeting with the president in Trump Tower a few years ago. People still claim that he is running for president to snatch votes from Joe Biden. Ice Cube (It Was A Good Day) also revealed that he had been working with Donald Trump on Platinum Plan and his own Contract for Black America. 50 Cent was also in the same league until his ex-Chelsea Handler shamed him. Maybe Lil Wayne’s photo with Trump is less about him endorsing Trump and more about not feeling left out, as many of his peers were choosing Trump.

However, there is one rapper who won’t be jumping on the Trump train. When Marjorie Taylor Greene asked Lil Jon on Twitter to join and support our great president, Lil Jon Replied; HOW ABOUT FUCKKK NOOOO. Lil Jon was once a contestant on Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice; now he Doesn’t want any ties with his former boss! What do you guys say about this decision of Lil Wayne? 

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