Disney Plus Unveils First Look Trailer for ‘On Pointe’ Docuseries!

Recently, Disney Plus has launched a brand new trailer for its upcoming docuseries named “On Pointe.”

This document emphasises the experiences and schedules of the scholars who went through a season on the cast of American Ballet in New York Metropolis. It is going to air on 18 December 2020.
This docuseries followed youthful college students put together for a “George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker” dance group, and their seniors started working on upgrading their dance careers.

This documentary is created under the direction of Larissa Bills and produced the same along with Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Matthew O’Neill, and Justin Wilkes.

This dance doc takes a resulting look at the real experiences and struggles behind the glossy veneer of America Ballet school students.

This six-part series emphasized few young ballet dancers to become premier danseurs (for the boys) and prima ballerinas (for the girls). Think Cheer?? But despite cheerleading, it centers on American ballet as an unforgiving art form and the young dancers who “can’t live without it.”

The show will feature unprecedented access to one of New York’s prestigious schools named American Ballet, upon which Central fictional stage American Ballet Academy was focused. They are chronicling the life of top-class students aged 8 to 18 pursuing their dreams of becoming professional ballet dancers in such a competitive environment.
The series disclosed what it’s taken in life to make it a professional dancer.
It includes all the highs and lows of one’s success.
While few older students rigorously work for professional careers and younger students are placed in their situation as they perform in the New York City Ballet’s holiday classic stage, George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker at Lincoln Centre.

Imagine Documentaries and DCTV also produce this docuseries.
The recent trailer launched by Disney plus is now admirable by the fans and waiting for 18 December for its streaming. Also, check the movies and TV shows coming on Disney Plus this December. 

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