Dirty Lines Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Everything You Needed To Know!

Cold war ending did not only signify light at the end of the tunnel, but it also inspired a generation thankful for every small win and chance they got at life. What made it better was that erotic phone lines were founded, finally, a way to express their sexual fantasies without getting judged. This did not only change the lives of their consumers but also greatly impacted the founders’ lives.

Written by Pieter Bart, the series tells the story of hope, cultural appropriation, success and perseverance. When Frank starts a business, he is not sure if it will work out considering how the others turned out, but this time, he is in for a surprise. Several years later, Marly gets a job at the now multimillion-dollar company Frank started skeptically. However, she questions how the two got rich overnight, and she is so immersed in understanding the wild transformation.

Dirty Lines Season 1 Release Date:

So far, Netflix or the show’s creators are yet to announce the official release date of the Dirty lines series. The production had already started in Amsterdam, the series settings as it starts in 1987 when the Dutch society was rapidly changing. The six-episode series is inspired by Fred Sauewssig’s book 06-Cowboys back when phone sex was in. Two brothers start a telecom sex company on the back of their parent’s garage, and slowly but steadily, it turns out to be among the best companies worldwide. The series release year is in 2022, and we may get an official date for the series premiere anytime from now.

06 Cowboys

Dirty Lines Season 1 Cast:

It is written by Pieter Bart Korthuisa writer and produce for writing series like Red Widow (2021), Penoza (2010) and Vechtershart (2015) he series feature notable casts such as Joy Delima from Flikken Rotterdam, Minne Koole, Chris Peters from Black Widow, Abbey Hoes from The Neighbors, Charlie Chan, and Benja Bruijining. Other casts include Julia Akkermans, Yari Van Der Linden, Joes Brauers, Andre Dongel Themans, Ayla Cekin Satijn, Laua Bakker, Pip Lieke Lucas, Casper Nusselde, Manoushka Zeegelaar, and Eric van Sauers.

Dirty Lines Season 1 Plot:

When the telephone company introduces their premium rate rates, Frank Stigler sees an opportunity and takes his shot, however skeptical at first. The young businessman had always dreamt of starting his own business with no success, and while on the verge of giving up, he finds a gold mine too precious to throw away. Incorporating his brothers and sisters’ help and some cunning investors, he started his first-ever telecom sex company based in Europe. This all starts at their parent’s garage, and rapidly it grows into something more, a multimillion-dollar business. The series setting being just after the cold war inspires the youth to celebrate life to the fullest and stop focusing on their doom.

Dirty Lines Season 1 Trailer:

A trailer for the new series is yet to be released, but a wild guess is that it will have steamy and erotic scenes, a break from the normal horror and ghost shows that Netflix has set in line. Since the series is just as dirty as the name suggests, you want to check out Sex life, Dark Desire, and The Affair. It would also be best to watch out for the upcoming shows this February.

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