Sex/Life Season 2: Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Other Important Updates!

Sex/Life joined the list of the movies and TV shows birthed during the pandemic. It is a Netflix drama series released on 25th June 2021. It has eight episodes and a decent IMDb rating of 5.3/10. Almost 3/4 of Google users indicate that they enjoyed watching the show.

This drama was inspired by 44 Chapters About 4 Men, a BB Easton novel. The first season was pretty decent, leaving viewers wondering whether there will be a second season. Well, should we expect more episodes or not? Let’s find out.

Sex/Life Season 2 Release Date: When will it air?

Sex/Life Release Date

Fortunately, this drama series has been renewed for a second season. Netflix announced its renewal through its social media accounts. The first season was a huge success since it attracted over 67 million households. 

Netflix also reports that over 20 million viewers rewound the scene where Sarah Sashi’s husband glimpsed at Brad’s manhood, which clearly caused quite a stir. 

The announcement for another season was followed by a cool video of fan reactions and memorable clips from the first season. 

The second season, which Netflix recently gave a green light, will probably premiere in mid or late 2022 to give the producers time to film and edit it.

According to some sources, season 2 production will begin on February 7, 2022, and end on April 25, 2022. The show will go into post-production once the shooting is completed. We will keep you updated if Netflix releases any information regarding the same. 

Sex/Life Season 2 Cast: Who will appear?

Sex/Life had a rich cast, which may explain why it appealed to viewers. Now that it has received a green light, we can expect lots of actors to come back. Be prepared to see Sarah Shahi (Black Adam) as Billie, Adam Demos as Brad, Mike Vogel as Cooper and Margaret Odette as Sasha. 

Other cast members that you can expect are Li Jun Li as Francesca, who happens to be Cooper’s boss, Jonathan Sadowski as Devon and Amber Goldfarb as Trina, among others. 

Sex/Life Season 2 Plot: What will happen in Season 2?

Sex/Life Plot

The first season of Sex/Life had lots of back and forth, including several sex scenes and Billie’s mental agony periods. 

We expect the second season to pick up from the dramatic ending of the first season, which saw Billie run back to Brad while fully committed to her husband, who is aware of her whereabouts. 

We may also witness a completely different storyline where Billie longs for her life with Cooper after settling for Brad. We can’t tell whether she will be satisfied or not. 

We should also expect a Sasha Snow Spin-off, as hinted by Rukeyser, the showrunner, in an interview with Screen Rant. Rukeyser added that Sasha being an unapologetic woman means that it would be fascinating to try and understand how she came to be the way she is. 

Sex/Life Season 2 Trailer: When can we watch?

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen a trailer for the second season of this series. This is partly because we just recently received news of its renewal.  You can rewatch the first season as we wait for the trailer or try out similar shows such as Elite, Too Hot to Handle and What/If. All in all, the good news is that we will have a second season of this series. You can expect the trailer to come up soon too. Here is the link for the first season:

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