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Catharine Daddario, a budding actress and social media influencer, is best known as the younger sibling of Hollywood stars Alexandra Daddario and Matthew Daddario. With a thriving Instagram following of over 190,000, Catharine made her mark in the 2020 indie horror film The Retreat.

Catharine Daddario Early Life

Full Real Name Catharine Daddario
Profession Instagram Star
Date Of Birth December 16th, 1992
Age 30
Birthday December 16th
Year Of Birth 1992
Country New York City, NY

Catharine Daddario, born December 16, 1992, in New York City, is currently 30 years old.

Catharine Daddario Family

Marital Status married

Catharine Daddario, sister of actors Alexandra and Matthew Daddario, was born to Richard and Christina. Her paternal grandfather, Emilio Q. Daddario, was a Connecticut democratic politician.

Catharine Daddario Zodiac Sign

Sun Sign Sagittarius

Catharine Daddario, a Sagittarius, is known for her zodiac sign.

Catharine Daddario Career

Catharine Daddario, an actress and social media celebrity, is the younger sister of renowned actors Alexandra and Matthew Daddario. She gained fame through her Instagram presence, boasting over 190,000 followers. Catharine began her social media journey in 2010 with Twitter and later delved into acting with her role as Frieda in the 2020 indie horror movie The Retreat. 

Despite being born into a family with strong political ties, she pursued an entertainment career. She was even seen with fellow actress Sarah Hyland on the Shadowhunters set.

Catharine Daddario Social Media Presence


Catharine Daddario maintains an active Instagram presence under the handle @catdaddario, boasting 197K followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Catharine Daddario is the younger sibling of Alexandra (Percy Jackson fame) and Matthew Daddario (Shadowhunters actor).

Catharine Daddario's Instagram handle, @catdaddario, has 197K followers.

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