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Cameron Dallas is a US musician, web persona, and actor. His videos on YouTube and Vine are popular with him. Cameron was screened in two films respectively in 2014 and 2015, the Expelled and the Outfield. In the following years, Dallas took the spot in a Netflix reality show, Chasing Cameron, which told his journey in his singing tour in Europe. In the year 2020, he performed at the Broadway Mean Girls Musical, where he played the role of Aaron Samuels. Dear Scarlett, he released his first music album on September 8, 2020.

So, do you want to get into more details about Cameron Dallas? If Yes, then we’re here to let you know about his biography, his Net Worth collected in 2021, along with Cameron Dallas’s age, height, weight, wife, child profile, and other life details. 

Real Name:Cameron Alexander Dallas
Nick Name:Cameron Dallas
Birth Place:Whittier, California United States
Date of Birth:8 September 1994
Age:26 years old
Height:5′ 8″
Weight:60 Kg
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Father’s Name:Dan Dallas
Mother’s Name:Gina Dallas
Siblings:Sierra Dallas
School:Chino High School
Zodiac Sign:Virgo
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Martial Status:In a relationship
Girlfriend:Giorgia Caldarulo
Profession:Internet personality, musician & actor
Social Media Appearance:TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter
Net Worth:$4 million
Last Updated:2021

Cameron Dallas Early Life & Education:

Cameron Dallas was born in Whittier, California, USA, on September 8, 1994. Dan Dallas and Gina Dallas’s son and his ethnic environment include half Scottish, German, and quarter Mexican. Dallas grew up adjacent to his older sister Sierra Dallas. He talked about growing up with a single mother since his father never stood there, and the family stayed in a garage near a daycare center.

After school, it was often hard to concentrate on homework, with many kids playing in the next building. His interest in the Internet dates back to MySpace, a social media platform that centered on music. It became an inspiration to him to venture into the internet sector.

With the fame, his education was not good, however, and he stated that he just graduated and had nothing in mind when people questioned his objective. After high school, he became an influencer and posted his place for a meeting and a welcome to gain money. He moved to Los Angeles with this income.

Cameron Dallas studied and graduated from Chino Hills High School. He explained, however, that he was less focused on schoolwork with fame and just passed. After graduation, he pretended to go to the Community College but drove around to meet and greet fans.

Cameron Dallas Age, Height, Weight, and Body Measurements:

So, how old is Cameron Dallas in 2021, and what are his height and weight? Cameron Dallas’s age is 26 years old as of 2021, born on September 8, 1994. He is 5′ 8″ and 175 cm tall, and he weighs 60 kg.

Cameron Dallas Relationships:

Cameron claimed he was unmarried and unrelated and focused on self-care in 2016. However, he was rumored to date a famous Instagram figure, Chase Carter, that same year. That same year people claimed that he was from Hailey Baldwin, but it didn’t last much. Then he dated Giorgia Caldarulo.

Is Cameron Dallas homosexual?

Cameron Dallas is a straight man in many connections since he grew into fame. He has been dating Hailey Baldwin, Madisyn, Chase Carter, etc. He dates now, and the two of them are said to be happy together. Furthermore, there are no other rumors of his sexuality.

Who is Cameron Dallas’s girlfriend?

As of 2021, Cameron Dallas is in a relationship with his hot girlfriend, 19-year-old professional model Madisyn Menchaca.

Are Cameron and Nash still friends? 

Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier are among Vine/Instagram/most of YouTube’s famous early stars. Together they produced a lot of content. While they are not as close as they were when they built up their careers in social media, they are still great friends.

Shawn Mendes and Cameron Dallas:

Cameron Dallas and Shawn Mendes have many histories. Both could be massive stars, Shawn storming the world of music and Cameron modeling prestigious brands together with performance and work in his own stories, but life once was very different for them. It is somewhat difficult to remember how much time Cam and Shawn spent on the MagCon tours with their supporters throughout the country.

But finally, Shawn got a record deal, and MagCon appeared to be divided, and the first group went its way. Shawn did not seem to have fallen away from the web stars he called BFFs before becoming a music superstar. And in 2014, when he even defended Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier at the morning show, the host made it abundantly clear that she thought she had nothing in store compared to Shawn.

But it was in 2015 that time that Cameron threw Shawn’s way to some shade. All of this went down on Instagram after the singer had a Taylor Swift pictures, which brought him out on stage to have the public sing “Happy Birthday.” And tbh, maybe it’s the best gift ever.

Fans snagged screenshots of Cameron commenting on the pic, saying his friend should “remember the people” who helped him get to where he is. Then in early 2017, Shawn took to Twitter to publicly congratulate Cam on his Netflix series, Chasing Cameron.

Cameron Dallas Career:

In September 2012, Dallas began his career when he started posting videos at Vines, mainly focused on friends and family. In two years, his fan base in Vine reached the 11th-largest followers, with more than 8.1 million supporters. More than 11.3 million people followed his Twitter account in 2014. His figures for 2017 show that Instagram had over 20 million followers, making it the second most-followed account, and every post sponsored would make $17,000.

The CEO of Awesomeness TV, Brian Robbins, announced in 2014 that he was making a film with Cameron Dallas entitled Expelled. It was about a prankster expelled, and the film was released on December 12, 2014. He performed in an NBC TV series, American Odyssey, the following year, in May. In the same year, he dotted in the Outfield movie alongside Caroline Sunshine and Nash Grier.

His first single, She Bad, was released in April 2015. He then worked on multiple movies and reality series. Cameron released his first album, Dear Scarlett, on September 8, 2020.

Cameron Dallas Movies:

Some of the Cameron Dallas movies which are highly known for him are:

  • Expelled 2014
  • The Outfield 2015
  • Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising 2016
  • Freddy Frog 2013

Cameron Dallas Personal Life:

On New Year’s Eve on December 31, 2018, Cameron was arrested and charged with assault of second degree after he alleges that he was punching a man at the Hyatt Grand Aspen Residence Club. Dallas had previously been arrested for vandalism for crimes in 2015.

On August 23, 2019, he told his fans that he had been fighting depression, trauma to his family, and addiction for over two and a half years. In October of that same year, he belonged to a charity that helped people with addiction to proper treatment.

His interest in the Internet is based on the social media platform MySpace and barely concentrated on his studies with fame. His first album, Dear Scarlett, was released in 2020. Dallas has opened up his awful past and what he’s fighting with, although he appears to be all.

Cameron Dallas got a name at a young age for himself. His childhood was slow, and the Internet was his escape. Despite their beginnings, his story motivates young people to follow their dreams and dream until they achieve them.

Cameron Dallas Awards:

Cameron Dallas is the Internet’s most popular person, actor, and musician. In three decent years between 2014 and 2016, he won the Teen Choice Awards for his acting career. He was awarded the People’s Choice Award in 2017.

Cameron Dallas Social Appearance:

Cameron Dallas is a sensation on social media. He is also active on various social media platforms. You may track him as @camerondallas on his Instagram account. On his Instagram account, he has 21.6 M followers. You will also follow him as @camerondallas on his Twitter handle. On his Twitter account, he has 15 M followers. Moreover, the Cameron Dallas YouTube channel is Cameron Dallas having 5.2 M subscribers. 


Cameron Alexander Dallas is a well-known American Internet personality, player, and actor in the Vine and YouTube Video Apps. In 2014 and 2015, Dallas performed in two movies, Expelled and The Outfield. He’s, without doubt, a social media star who first became famous for his comedic images and videos of Instagram on Vine.

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