‘Money Heist’ Spinoff Series ‘Berlin’ : Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More Details!

Money Heist season one took over the world with a bomb, and five seasons later, the sentiments remain the same. Finally, Money Heist came to an end on Netflix, but this also brought good news with it. Do you remember Berlin? The actor we all thought would make it out alive? He will be coming back but for a different series; Berlin. After sacrificing his life in the season 2 finale, Pedro Alonso will be back to reprise his role as the psycho Berlin. We are yet to know the spin-off plot, but speculations have it that the series will focus on Berlin’s life before the heist and flashbacks of his life after the theft.

Berlin Season 1 Release Date: When will it air?

A specific date for the Release of Berlin is yet to be set by the creators, but we can anticipate it to be soon enough. Netflix has only announced that the series will be available for streaming in 2023, which is quite a long time for Berlin’s fans to comprehend. If filming begins early in 2022, we could expect the spin-off to be ready by early or mid-2023. 

Berlin Season 1 Cast: Who will be in?

So far, the only confirmed cast to feature in Berlin is Pedro Alonso. The Spanish actor best known as Berlin in Money Heist remained popular despite his death in the show’s second season. Many fans believed that he was one of the characters who would manage to get out alive, but his death came as a surprise. We should also expect most of the Money Heist casts to feature in the upcoming series. Daniels’s son and estranged ex-wife, Patrick Criado and Diana Gomez (Valeria) will probably reprise their roles. We could also expect Berlin Close friend Rodrigo De La Serna to be back in the new series. The Professor may be back for Berlin, which will be made official once the series production commences.

Berlin Season 1 Plot: What will happen next?

Not everybody vividly remembers every detail of whatever happened in Money Heist. Some did not even watch the series. You do not need to worry if you did not, and I got you. Money Heist Second season two brought terrible news as this is the season where Berlin died. There is no way the story’s plot could be spun to get Berlin back to life; hence his role had to end in that season. The Berlin Series may focus on the scenes before Berlin Lost his life. It could be like a flashback might get to see a more detailed role that he played in Money Heist. We could also expect to see his family after the death and, most importantly, his relationship with them before he got into the Money heist plan engineered by the Professor.

Berlin Season 1 Trailer: When will it come?

With the series set to be released in 2023, it is too soon for the trailer to be out on Netflix. We could, however, expect the series’s trailer to be out sometime in 2022 before the series gets released. Do you wish to catch up on the Money Heist series? You can watch all five seasons of Money Heist on Netflix. Netflix also has a variety of similar series such as Squid Game, Lupin, White Lines, SkyRojo, and The Kill Point that you will find captivating. Till then, you can watch Money Heist trailer here:

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