Megan Fox’s Son Bodhi Ransom Green: Age, Bio, Parents, Net Worth !

Bodhi Ransom Green is a renowned child. He achieved fame as the son of Brian Austin Green, an American entertainer, and Megan Fox—a famous actress and model.

Bodhi Ransom has come into the media for being the child of big names, but he hasn’t made an effective business or played roles in numerous motion pictures. Everybody says that Bodhi seems to be the short version of Megan Fox—except she’s better at acting than her son is.

Megan Fox’s Instagram feed is a constant stream of photos and videos featuring her son. She frequently updates via the social media platform, sharing pictures from throughout his life — including his first birthday party last year!

Early Life Of Bodhi Ransom Green:

Full Real Name Bodhi Ransom Green
Profession Celeb Kid
Date Of Birth February 12th, 2014
Age 8
Birthday February 12th
Year Of Birth 2014
Country United States
Nationality American
Religion Buddhism

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, the famous entertainers, are Bodhi Ransom Green’s guardians. He is a kid and he was born on February 12th of 2014.

Although he looks like his mother Megan, whose blue eyes make her one of the most attractive celebrities in America today, and shares an intermittent presence on Instagram with many admirers.

Megan has a fondness for Buddhism and picked this name because of its significance: “Stirred or edified.” However, the name Bodhi is not uncommon: another Australian entertainer named Bodhi Rain happens to have it too.

Although his parents forbade him from using the Internet, he became famous anyway because his rich guardians spoiled him rotten.

Bodhi Ransom Green Education:

Highest Qualification N/A

Bodhi has been home-schooled since he was young, and now he uses self‐study methods to learn alongside other family members.

As a result, he is currently in the learning period—hard to tell what his character will look like when it’s fully formed. In any case, our great wishes are that anything he does with his life becomes effective just like how great people are supposed to be.

Bodhi Ransom Green Family:

Father Brian Austin Green
Mother Megan Fox
Brothers Noah Shannon Green, Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green, Journey River Green

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were the guardians of Buddha, whom they had with another person named Noah Shannon Green. They also had two kids together: a son born in 2012 (Noah) and a daughter born in 2016 (Johnny).

It is important not to forget the stepbrother you have never met, who was born in March of 2002.

Bodhi is the grandson of Franklin Thomas Fox and Gloria Allen Fox, who raised his mother. He’s also the great-grandson of Joyce Green and George Green, who were guardians to Bodhi’s father.

Bodhi Ransom Green Parent Relationship:

Megan Fox first meets Brian Austin Green, an entertainer and a former star of Beverly Hills 90210. The two began dating after the 2004 shooting of Hope & Faith, during which time she was separated from estranged husband Brian Griffin. Before meeting Fox, Green had previously fathered a child with another entertainer—his ex-wife Vanessa Marcel

In 2006, Brian and Megan prepared for marriage; however, after a certain period, it became apparent that their relationship was not working out. They decided to separate in November 2006.

Afterward, they decided to continue their relationship and reconnected on June 1, 2010. They got engaged again on June 24.

Within a short period, gossip had it that they were expecting another child.

On February 12, 2014, they had their second youngster at the Cedar-Sinai emergency clinic in Los Angeles. His parents put forth a valiant effort to conceal him from web-based entertainment until May 2014—when his grandparents revealed him to the world on Ellen DeGeneres’s show.

In August 2015, Megan petitioned for separation for reasons most popular to her and needed joint care of their children. In 2016 they had the option to sort out their differences—and made corrections. Quickly, they were getting ready to reunite as husband and wife again.

Bodhi Ransom Green Zodiac Signs:

Sun Sign Aries

According to astrologers, the presence of Aries in someone’s horoscope often signals the start of something exciting and tumultuous.

They seek out dynamic, fast-paced environments in which they can constantly compete—from the workplace to social gatherings.

Because of its connection with the planet Mars and its fire sign, Aries—like Leo and Sagittarius—is one of the most dynamic signs in astrology. The ram’s tendency to act without thinking sometimes leads people who share its birthday to make rash decisions.

Physical Stats Of Bodhi Ransom Green:

Weight In Kg 24 kg
Height In Feet 3 feet 7 inches
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue

He stands 3 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 24 kilograms. His eyes are blue, his hair is light-colored—and it’s not yet known how much he has grown since we last saw him. Bodhi Ransom Green is eight years old.

We will examine his elements to determine if and when he has accurate body highlights. He generally wears shirts, jeans, and other items on her dressing wear.

Regardless of this, he is a well-known celebrity’s son, so anything he owns and any remaining belongings should be legitimate because of his lovely smile and charming personality.

He cherishes his toys, especially his teddy bear. The little bear is constantly dozing off and having an exquisite sleep. His parents often recruit him as a different house cleaner—he cleans up after himself and takes special care of the servants (the toddlers).

Relationship Status Of Bodhi Ransom Green:

Marital Status single

Bodhi Ransom Green is too youthful to be in any close connection possibly. Green grew up with his parents and other family members, who are all named Megan and Austin—and they were born at Hope and Faith in 2004.

Megan first met Austin when he was 12 years older and had been married to actress Vanessa Marcil, who is now Megan’s mother-in-law. Although a passionate relationship developed between the pair soon after they met, it took them several months before deciding to move in together as man and wife.

Despite some troubles in their relationship, Megan and Austin got married in 2006. However, they decided to take a break from each other for several weeks starting in November.

Profession Of Bodhi Ransom Green:

Megan Fox has posted a picture of her baby on Instagram, charming fans worldwide. Megan named her child in honor of Buddhism and Judaism (her two religions), inspiring many people with this decision.

The word bodhi can be understood as meaning “aroused or enlivened”, and is rooted in the Buddhist belief that reality should be understood more deeply.

Bodhi Rain, Teresa Palmer’s child with fellow Aussie entertainer Tom Flynn is known for being raised by his famous parents while they tried to keep him away from the media spotlight.

Net Worth Of Bodhi Ransom Green:

Net Worth $15 million
Source Of Income Celeb Kid

Bodhi has not yet begun a career, has no steady source of income, and is still receiving money from his parents.

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