Bobby Brantley: Reality Star, Age, Movies and TV Shows, Wife, Net Worth, Accident, Height

Bobby Brantley, also known as Bobby the Bulldog or Repo Man Bobby, is an individual who is employed at Lizard Lick Towing. He has gained recognition for his participation in the reality show of the same title.

Bobby Brantley Early Life:

Full Real Name Bobby Brantley
Profession Reality Star
Date Of Birth September 26th, 1969
Age 53 years old
Birthday September 26th
Year Of Birth 1969
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity

Bobby Brantley, a renowned actor and assistant director, was born in 1969 in North Carolina. His birthday is celebrated on September 26. Coming from a family that owned a tobacco farm, Bobby grew up contributing to the farm work alongside his family from a young age.

Bobby Brantle Accident:

In 2013, Bobby Brantley had a near-death experience while filming his reality show “Lizard Lick Towing”. A video of his car accident quickly spread across the internet, causing widespread concern for his safety and sparking rumors of his untimely demise. However, it was later revealed to be a deliberate hoax, and Bobby emerged unscathed from the incident.

Bobby Brantley Education:

There is not much information about his education. We are gathering the facts to update you on that.

Bobby Brantley Family:

Bobby, being the youngest among his three siblings, lacks information about his parents and siblings, including details about his upbringing and education. Nonetheless, he proudly identifies himself as an American and associates himself with the White race.

Bobby Brantley Zodiac Sign:

Bobby Brantley, also referred to as Bobby the Bulldog or Repo Man Bobby, was born on September 26, 1969 in North Carolina. His astrological sign is Libra. Individuals born under the Libra zodiac sign are recognized for their charming, harmonious, diplomatic, and easy-going temperaments.

Bobby Brantley Physical Stats:

Weight In Kg 70
Weight In Lbs 154
Height In Feet 5′ 7”
Height In Meter 1.70

Bobby Brantley, also known as Bobby the Bulldog or Repo Man Bobby, possesses a remarkable physique. Standing at an impressive height of 5 feet 7 inches or 1.70 meters, Bobby easily stands out among reality TV personalities in America due to his above-average stature. Although information on his weight is limited, Bobby maintains a decent physique and a moderate weight, according to the available data.

Bobby Brantley Relationship Status:


Bobby has faced a tumultuous romantic past, filled with numerous failed marriages. His union with Melanie Bentley came after experiencing four previous divorces. Finding genuine love hasn’t been an easy journey for him. In 2011, Bobby entered into his fourth marriage with Anita Grissom Brantley, but sadly they decided to part ways after just one year.

Bobby took to Facebook to apologize to Anita for their divorce and take responsibility for the situation. From his four marriages, he has fathered a total of four children.

Within his family, there is a grown-up son named Hunter, twin daughters named Savanna and Juliana, and a young child named Syrgrace. On January 22, 2016, Bobby and Melanie welcomed their newborn, Jon-William Nash.

Bobby Brantley Career:

Bobby Brantley, also known as Bobby the Bulldog or Repo Man Bobby, gained fame for his contributions to Lizard Lick Towing and his role on the eponymous reality show. He operates under the guidance of Ron Shirley, the founder of Lizard Lick Towing. Prior to his involvement with the show, Bobby worked on his family’s tobacco farm and also held a position as a truck driver.

Bobby embarked on his career in the automotive industry at the age of 18, where he initially worked as a mechanic before transitioning into a tow truck driver. With his extensive experience in both fields, Bobby joined the cast of Lizard Lick Towing in 2009.

Apart from his accomplishments in the automotive industry, Bobby Brantley has an impressive track record in real estate, boasting over two decades of experience in the field. He is deeply committed to assisting families in finding their ideal homes and has left a positive impact on the lives of those he has worked with.

Bobby Brantley Social Media:


Bobby Brantley is active on multiple social media platforms, where he maintains various accounts. Here are some of his profiles: On Facebook, Bobby Brantley has a dedicated page with a staggering 671k followers. You can easily find him by searching for Bobby Brantley.

He also maintains a Twitter account, using the handle @BobbyBrantley. On Instagram, you can follow Bobby Brantley’s account @bobbygbrantley, which has amassed an impressive 52.4k followers.

These platforms provide him with the opportunity to share regular updates about his personal life and career.

Bobby Brantley Net Worth:

Net Worth $2 Million
Source Of Income Reality Star

Bobby Brantley, an American entrepreneur and reality TV personality, is reported to have a net worth that varies according to different sources. Some estimates put his net worth at approximately $2 million, while others suggest it could be as low as $500,000. These figures are up to date as of 2023. Brantley has amassed his wealth through his successful career in reality shows, such as “Bad Dog Nation” in 2015 and “Lizard Lick Towing” from 2011 to 2014.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What does Bobby Brantley do now?

Bobby Brantley gained fame through his appearance on the reality show “Lizard Lick Towing” (2011). He has established a successful career in the entertainment industry and continues to be a prominent figure even years after his television stint. Apart from his reality TV persona, Bobby has held various occupations throughout his life, including truck driving and working on his family’s tobacco farm.

Q2. Who is Bobby Brantley’s wife?

Bobby Brantley, an American reality television personality and entrepreneur, is happily married to Anita Grissom Brantley. Their marriage took place in 2011.

Q3. Why did Bobby leave Lizard Lick Towing?

Bobby Brantley departed from Lizard Lick Towing in 2014 in pursuit of new ventures. In a Facebook post, he decided to clarify his true self, his family, and the path he had chosen. Emphasizing his authenticity, he proclaimed it was time for others to witness his unfiltered reality.

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