Blackpink : Netflix’s Documentary Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Lastest Details!

After the astonishing entry of Ice cream in Billboard Hot 100, Blinks (fans of Blackpink) are in for another treat. Blackpink had been on a superfast ride to fame. They dropped Boombayah and Whistle, which was loved by people around the globe, and they rapidly became popular with the song ‘kill this love last year’ and their swag. 2020 has been a bummer for most of us, but these girls made the most of it. Their new album, titled The Album, is coming up on 2nd October 2020. Two songs from the album are already out for you to listen to, and those two are blowing off the charts, one of them being in collaboration with Salena Gomez. They are becoming insanely popular, and now they are about to get another boost with the help of Blackpink: Light up the sky, the name of their documentary Netflix is coming up with.

Blackpink : Light Up The Sky Release Date : When will it Air?

Yup, we do. And it is not very far away. Netflix officially announced the documentary’s release date, which will highlight the meteoric rise of the record-shattering band. We will witness the journey of the Korean girl band to make their dreams come true. Fans will get a look into the life of the stars they admire for 79 minutes. Yes, the run time of the documentary will be 79 minutes. You guys will get to see K-pop stars’ lives, all the highs and lows of it. So get ready to Netflix and chill on 14th October, which is almost two weeks after the release of their new album.

Blackpink Release Date

Blackpink : Light Up the Sky Plot : what should we expect?

This documentary is gonna be Netflix’s first K-pop documentary. It is well known that Blackpink has some die-hard fans of Blackpink out there who would love to see every detail of their lives, but that’s not possible in 79 minutes. Caroline Suh (Salt Fat Acid Heat) is directing the documentary, and we should thank her and Netflix as they will show us never seen before footage of the band members. We will see how much dedication and hard work they put into every song before releasing it. The documentary will throw the light on their early days when they started their journey and will steer toward the girls standing on top. We might see the backstage events of their historical stage performances that made the crowd go crazy and also some pinches of exclusive interviews. The girls themselves stated that they are very excited to share their personal stories with us through Netflix. One of them said that they are hoping for Blinks to enjoy it; meanwhile, Blinks are like ‘the hell we will!’ Netflix announced that the faces of Jennie, Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo would become the profile icons on Netflix. Leave a comment to tell us about the level of your excitement. 

Blackpink : Light Up The Sky Trailer :

You will find many fans made trailers on YouTube, but Netflix has not released an official trailer yet. We can get a surprise from Netflix any day now in the form of a trailer. Till then, you can listen to your favorite Blackpink songs.

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