Billie Eilish Is Releasing a New Single Track in Just Days

Billie Eilish fans are in for a treat! The 18-year-old singer surprised fans by announcing the arrival of her new single this week. The Grammy winner took to Instagram and stated that she is excited for this one. The song is titled “Therefore I am.” It is a follow up to “My Future.”

Therefore I Am will be Billie Eilish‘s third single of 2020. She got the opportunity to sing the theme song of James Bond: No Time To Die, which has been delayed to April 2021, by the way. Her second song of 2020 landed in July. Both the songs were a success, and shortly after My Future’s release, Eilish and FINNEAS showed up at the 2020 Democratic National Convention to perform the single.

Eilish and FINNEAS performed “No Time To Die” on The Tonight Show last month. Billie shared the news on Instagram; the song will arrive on Thursday at 10 a.m. PT. She posted the cover art that looks like an ancient Greek bust shattering with a red background. 

Even though it is just the third single of 2020 by Billie Eilish, she has been busy this year. Recently it was announced that Billie and Harry Styles would be seen in a film series for Gucci. Fans are already hyping over watching two of their favorite musicians in “Ouverture of Something That Never Happened.” Big names are connected with this seven-part film series. Gus Van Sant and Alessandro Michele will direct it.

The details have not been disclosed, but we know that it will feature Silvia Calderoni bumping into musicians, including Harry Styles and Billie Eilish. The film is all set to land at GucciFrst, the first-ever digital fashion and film festival by Gucci.

There is no doubt that this was supposed to be Billie’s year; she already pocketed multiple Grammy awards and completely sold out stage shows. Billie has also appeared on the top list of Spotify artists. But pandemic hit us all the same, and instead of cheering for Billie from the crowds, fans are in their houses, and so is she. “My Future” was the first song Billie wrote in the quarantine, and this one could be the last one of 2020. Fans are excited about her new music, and why shouldn’t they be? She won a bunch of Grammy awards.

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