Lupin Season 3: Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Important Updates !

Lupin has some of the best ratings ever. This re-tell of the classic French story of Arsene Lupin, the world-renowned gentleman and thief, is rated 97% by Rotten Tomatoes and 7.5/10 by IMDb.

It is available on Netflix and was renewed for a second season, which dropped in June 2021. It suddenly rose to become one of the most-watched mystery series on Netflix at the time. With an excellent storyline and terrific answers, it was evident that Lupin would be a hit series.

After running for two seasons, it only fits that fans inquire about a third one. Don’t you want to see some more of Assane Diop?

Is Lupin Renewed For Season 3?

Will there be a season three? Yes. According to Omar Sy, who played Asane Diop, Lupin is set to return with another season, which is bigger and better. He confirmed via a tweet after a French journalist shared this fantastic news. 

However, Netflix hasn’t yet released any official information regarding the same. Still, judging from the positive reception that the first two chapters enjoyed, it is pretty evident that there will be a third season.

Lupin Season 3 Release Date: When will be the series Supposed to Come?

Since Netflix unveiled the first chapter of Lupon in January and the second in June, we can roughly estimate the third chapter will come out in mid-2022. However, if they secretly filmed it, then we should be expecting a new season in January. 

Remember that these are just predictions. We cannot, therefore, confirm anything but will communicate any update.) 

Lupin Season 3 Cast: Are you Expecting the same Cast? 

Who is most likely to be in Season 3? Lupin being Sy’s show means that he will come back as Assane. We also expect to see Claire(Ludivine Sagnier), the mother to Sy’s son Raoul(Etan Simon), Benjamin( Antoine Gouy), Assane’s best friend, and the three detectives

We are also likely to witness flashbacks of Assane’s father, Fargas Assande(Babakar), Hubert Pellegrini(Herve Pierre), and police commissioner Dumont(Vincent Garanger).

Lupin Season 3 Expected Plot: How can the ‘Lupin Season 3’ be plotted? 

There is a high possibility that we wouldn’t be seeing much of Pellegrini in this new season. However, he could also walk free and come back, hoping to finish Assane. Time will tell. 

Also, given the ending of the series, which gives its creators a chance to come up with fresh ideas, we can expect lots of new disguises that Assane, who promised to be back, to boot. We are likely to witness a new foe that would take up Pellegrini’s place. It is also possible that Pellegrini may have been a part of something big, and some of the members of his organization were displeased with Assane’s actions. 

We may also meet an unwelcome face from Assane’s past. Well, we can only predict since whatever happens next depends on the writers.

Lupin Season 3 Trailer: When can we watch?

It is normal to want to see the trailer after confirming that Lupin will run for another season. Unfortunately, trailers are only unveiled a month before the premiere, which means you can only see it once the date has been communicated. Here you can watch the Lupin season 2 trailer:

In the meantime, you can re-watch some of the chapters and get ready for the next season. 

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