Straight Man Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And More Information For You To Know! 

Bob Odenkirk, the Better Call Saul protagonist who plays the lawyer that gets caught in the criminal world now, has the liberty to go on with other projects since the Saul series officially ended. He has played the role for over a decade, and with the series ending, he already has another iconic role and is expected to feature in the Straight Man series, an upcoming show on AMC.

The Straight Man series has been revealed to have more similarities to his role in Better Saul. While changing positions after years of playing a consistent ad iconic one can be tricky, Odenkirk will not find it as hard, maybe nostalgia. Here is everything we know about the upcoming Straight Man series.

Straight Man Season 1 Release Date:

The series has been slated for a 2023 release, and considering that Odenkirk will be the series protagonist, there are high chances that the series will not be moved forward. The series will consist of eight episodes with a total run time of eight hours.

The network recently gave a glimpse of the upcoming show and posted pictures of Odenkirk and other cast members. If the series schedule, filming, and post-production go as planned, you should expect the Straight Man series to be on your screens no later than 2023.

Straight Man Season 1 Plot:

Straight Man qualifies as the third collaboration Bob Odenkirk has made with AMC. The series is based on an award-winning novel by the studded writer Richard Russo. The series is described as a midlife crisis dramedy set in the Pennsylvania college English department. It explores the life of a 50-year-old novelist who has to deal with the baggage of being in the English department. He also has family issues that he does not let hold him back.

The novel’s synopsis states that Harry is too preoccupied to realize that his actions will cost him more significant consequences. The summary perfectly describes Jimmy McGill in the Barter Call Saul series. Odenkirk commented that the Novel choice is excellent and considering that the show has a lot of similarities to his previous role, and once again, he cannot look forward.


Straight Man Season 1 Cast:

The straight-man series will be directed by one of the best Producers in Hollywood, Peter Farrelly. Besides starring in the show, Bob Odenkirk (Chicago Party Aunt) is expected to produce the show alongside his wife, Naomi Odenkirk.

Mark Johnson, Former Better Caul Saul and Breaking bad producer, will also be on the show’s production team. With the studded cast in both the front and backside production of the group, the Straight Man series is expected to be hit once it is released in 2023.

Straight Man Season 1 Trailer:

The Straight Man series trailer is yet to be released as the series is still in the works. AMC recently released the first look photos, so you should expect a trailer soon. In the meantime, you might want to watch Odenkirk in action to get a glimpse of what awaits you. The perfect way to do that is to watch the Better Call Saul series. The series is showing on AMC, the same as Breaking Bad.

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