Valeria Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Updates That Everyone Needs To Know!

Valerie landed on Netflix in May 2020, and it received good reviews from critics and fans both! The comedy-romance is continuously compared with “Sex and the City.” Valeria has been called a Spanish version of Sex and the City. Whatever it is, it has caught the audience’s attention, and a successful season one ended with some loopholes, and there are chances of a second season. So has it been renewed? What is the status of Production? Read on to find out the answers.

Valeria Season 2 Release Date: When is it gonna hit the screens?

Eight Episodes of 45 minutes each were not enough for the audience, and we know that you would like to see the rest of the story. It is not surprising that Netflix is also aware of that, so the show’s second installment has been greenlit. There is a high possibility that viewers will have more than two seasons of the show as the Valerie series by Elísabet Benavent has four books. The chances of telling the complete story from two seasons are low. However, we should always keep in mind the current state of the world can push back the release dates. The show has been confirmed, but there is no official release date; according to our guess, season 2 will appear at some point in time in 2021. You can always go ahead and read the novels, but I guess they will be in Spanish. Netflix confirmed season 2 through Instagram.

Valerie Season 2 Cast: Who is gonna be in it?

Diana Gomez, playing the titular character of Valeria, will undoubtedly reprise her role in season 2. We are expecting almost the complete cast of the first season to show up in the second installment. We will have Teresa Riott, Paula Malia, and Silma Lopez to return as Nerea, Carmen, and Lola, respectively, in the second season. Maxi Iglesias will return as charming Victor. There are chances that Ibrahim Al Shamsi will also return as Adrian. There are chances that season two will have some new faces as the story will move forward.

Valeria Season 2 Plot: What can we expect?

In case you missed season 2, let’s give you a quick overview of the story. Valeria is a writer in her 30s who is struggling in both her personal and professional life. After being sad due to not so happy life, she decides to get her life together with her friends’ help. Season one kinda ended on a cliffhanger. Valeria met Victor, and things got interesting between them; Victor asked her to move to a different place. Valeria refused and asked for some time. She was also facing a dilemma with her book. The editor offered to publish the book only as a ghost-writer, or she could find someone else. The second season will continue from where season one left, and we might see some more Romance between Valeria and Victor.

Valeria Season 2 Trailer: When can we watch it?

Unfortunately, there is no video clip of season 2 whatsoever as of now. We are expecting a trailer or teaser to release only in 2021. You can look at the Valeria season one trailer to get the show’s basic idea if you haven’t watched it yet.

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