Sneakerheads Season 1 : Netflix Release date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Everything You Need To Know! 

Netflix is about to give a sweet treat to all the sneakerheads out there. We all know someone who wears shoes which are more expensive than the monthly salary of someone. Netflix has announced a comedy series produced by Complex Networks to make people laugh; people need laughter in 2020! And we are in luck because we don’t have to wait for long to watch this series. Read on to know the details of Sneakerheads.

Has Netflix Renewed or Canceled Sneakerheads For Season 2?

Unfortunately, we still have no information on whether Sneakerheads will be renewed for a second season, but as previously said, the more we wait for news, the less likely the program will be renewed. Audience reviews were generally positive, it has a 6.2 on IMDb and a 71 percent RottenTomatoes audience score, but data may imply that the show didn’t have the effect it needed to justify its renewal.

Another potential red flag for a renewal is the fact that Sneakerheads’ main star, Allen Maldonado, is now a main cast member on a brand new show. Maldonado stars as Rooster Robbins in the Starz tv show Heels.

We searched social media for clues about season 2 and contacted a few sources, but we were unable to obtain a conclusive result.

Sneakerheads Release Date :  When will it Air?

The release date of Sneakerheads is not so far away. Netflix confirmed that the show would have six episodes, which tells us that it will be a short watch and just a one-night thing. We got the first look at the show on the 10th of September, which might make you think it’s going to take a long time to release. No, it is not so far away; you can set a reminder for the 25th of September and watch it on Netflix. Get ready for Netflix and chill with some fancy sneakers on the screen.  

Sneakerheads Release Date

Sneakerheads Cast : Who Will Be In?

The show’s main cast will include Allen Maldonado, who will play the role of a stay-home dad named Devin. Andrew Bachelor, Matthew Josten, Jearnest Corchado, Yaani King Mondschein, Aja Evans, and Justin Lee will be seen as Bobby, Stuey, Nori, Christine, Gia, and Cole, respectively. Jay Longino is the showrunner and creator of Sneakerheads. A famous director who mostly directed music videos got the opportunity to be the director of this show. The cast has done its part to make you laugh; all you need to do now is watch them.

Sneakerheads Cast

Sneakerheads Storyline : What does it signify?

Sneakerheads is about the sneaker culture, which is the new hype for people. As time is passing, sneaker culture is turning into a mad dash. Undoubtedly, there are some limited beautiful sneakers in the market that everyone wants to get their hands on, but there are not enough for everyone. Those who own those rare highly demanded sneakers hope to sell them at a jaw-dropping price, way higher than the market value. And this practice has set its root, and it’s gonna stay until companies start making more of those shoes. Sneakerheads spotlights that sneakers reselling has become a part of the market now and is a part of pop culture.  

Sneakerheads Plot : What to expect from the story?

The show’s protagonist is Devin, a ‘stay-at-home dad,’ who used to be a sneakerhead and lost his money because of that. This dude fell for a scheme of get-rich-quick, which a friend introduced to him. That scheme cost him a lot, and his wife’s fear urges him to get the money back before she comes to know. He went on a global hunt with fellow shoe lovers’ help for the rarest sneakers known as “Zeroes.” Zeroes are considered the holy grail of the rare Kicks. 

Sneakerheads Trailer : When will we see it?

Netflix dropped the trailer of Sneakerheads recently, and the audience is waiting for the release. While all of us are in for some laughter, but shoe collectors are the ones who are most restless for the show. You can watch the trailer here.

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