Alyona Yarushina: Age, Singer, YouTube, Spouse, Net Worth!

Alyona Yarushina is a well-known YouTube star and musician. She is a web-based celebrity video star. Moreover, she started her own YouTube channel in 2008, where she broadcast videos of her musical performances. Her YouTube channel for cosmetics didn’t launch until 2014.

Moreover, tock is her preferred genre. I Don’t Want a Miss a Thing 2018, We Are the Champions 2018, and Is This Love 2018 are some of her most successful songs. In addition, the Makeup artist is best known for her YouTube channel Aly Art, which has over 390,000 followers and features makeup techniques inspired by A-list celebrities, including Marilyn Monroe, Kylie Jenner, and Kate Moss. So, now let’s discuss Alyona Yarushina’s life and net worth!

Alyona Yarushina Early Life:

Full Real Name Alyona Yarushina
Family Name Yarushina
Profession YouTube Star and Musician
Date Of Birth June 1st, 1984
Age 38
Birthday June 1st
Year Of Birth 1984
Nick Name Alyona
Current Residence N/A
Country Russia
Nationality Russian

On June 1, 1984, Alyona Yarushina was born in Russia. Moreover, we have nothing much about Alyona’s childhood.

Alyona Yarushina Education:

Highest Qualification N/A
University N/A
College N/A
High School N/A

Alyona Yarushina’s education details are not clear or accessible to the public. Nevertheless, we are keeping tabs and will upgrade Alyona’s education once this information is available.

Alyona Yarushina Family:

Father N/A
Mother N/A
Brothers N/A
Sisters N/A

Alyona Yarushina has never exposed any information about Alyona’s parents, siblings, or family personnel. Furthermore, we will refurbish this article about Alyona Yarushina’s family members to acquire reliable information.

Alyona Yarushina Signs:

Sun Sign Gemini
Star Sign Gemini

Alyona was born on June 1st, 1984, she is 38 years old. Alyona Yarushina’s zodiac sign is Gemini, according to our study.

Alyona Yarushina Physical Stats:

Height In Feet 5.5
Height In Meter 1.65
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel

Alyona Yarushina is 5 feet and 5 inches tall (1.65m). With her stunning Hazel eyes and blonde hair, Alyona has an appealing appearance. In addition, she has a slender and curvaceous body form. However, Alyona Yarushina’s real weight and other bodily measurements are still unavailable to the public. We’re keeping a view on things and will update Alyona’s information as soon as it becomes available.

Alyona Yarushina Relationship Status:

Spouse Name Konstantin Lashkevich
Marital Status married

Many people are curious about Alyona Yarushina’s marital status, particularly single or married. As a result of our inquiry, we can tell you that Alyona Yarushina’s husband’s name is Konstantin Lashkevich. They’re a beautiful couple, and the pair frequently shares photos of each other on their social media accounts.

Alyona Yarushina Career:

Alyona Yarushina is a well-known singer and songwriter. At four, Alyona Yarushina, the daughter of legendary folk-rock singer Valeriy Yarushin (Ariel), began her musical career by enrolling in piano lessons. She then went on to conduct college choirs. Furthermore, Aly arrived in Moscow at 18 and began performing pop and rock, nevertheless feeling “something was lacking.” From the Beatles to Led Zeppelin, there’s something for everyone. “Aly” is a genuine musician who plays all of the instruments herself.

Moreover, Working directly with Ken Tamplin, Aly contacted Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy to “take her voice to the next level.”

“I’ve been singing my whole life and never understood how much I’ve been losing out on. Ken has shown me some incredible stuff. Increased strength, range, and stamina to improve breath control, tone, and pitch. She started her own YouTube channel in 2008, where she broadcast videos of her musical performances. Her YouTube channel for cosmetics didn’t launch until 2014.

Later on, she posted a video titled “Gigi Hadid Makeup Tutorial/or HOW On TRICK ZAYN” to her YouTube account in January 2016.

Furthermore, this beauty guru has used contouring and makeup to change herself into Gigi Hadid, the current model of the time. Her video gained thousands of views after becoming viral. 

Her metamorphosis into a catwalk star took 11 make-up products and six different make-up brushes in this video. The vlogger, who goes by Aly Art on YouTube, analysed and even criticised Gigi’s facial shape and characteristics before starting the process. 

Moreover, she mentions in the film that the model has a square jaw, a flat chin, high brows, and tiny eyes, for example. After applying a despicable foundation layer, Alyona applied concealer around her eyes to minimise their size.

She next applied a dark brown powder on her hairline to imitate Gigi’s petite, rounded, and frequently tanned forehead. She gave it a natural touch by buffing it with a fluffy brush.

Gigi’s rounder cheeks were achieved using the contouring technique, which involved applying black powder from the tips of her ears to below the apples of her cheeks. For a thinning appearance, Alyona turned to a thin brush and drew lines on the side of her nose. To ‘lift’ her nose, she applied concealer on her nostrils.

She also used a corrector to cover her brows before using MAC Charcoal Brown eyeshadow to create arched Gigi-style brows. “All I have to accomplish for my eyes is pulling them apart,” Alyona says in the video, pointing out that Gigi’s are considerably farther apart than hers. 

To achieve this, she produced a smokey eye by using an eye makeup brush to apply a dark bronze shadow in the outer predicament of her eyes and then dragging the product out towards her temples. She also added to the overall appearance by applying mascara solely to the outer lashes.

Alyona even used a white pencil to create lines on Gigi’s chin and along her frown lines to highlight regions of ‘puffiness’ on her face. Furthermore, the next touch was the lips, which Alyona describes as ‘down-turned’ like hers but larger, necessitating a lip liner outline.

Furthermore, she joked that with the bizarre final appearance, she might fool Zayn Malik, the model’s singer boyfriend, into believing she’s Gigi. In conclusion, Alyona Yarushina is well on her path to becoming a renowned YouTuber.

Alyona Yarushina Social Appearance:


Alyona Yarushina, a renowned Musical Artist, has many followers who appreciate her. Moreover, she has 26 K+ Instagram followers on her @alyonayarushina account and is well-known for her stunning photographs. 

Moreover, she has a YouTube channel entitled Alyona Yarushina with 256 K+ subscribers.

Furthermore, you can trail Alyona Yarushina on her Twitter account @AlyonaYarushina, having 2,126 followers.

Alyona Yarushina Net Worth:

Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Source Of Income YouTube and Music

Alyona Yarushina’s net worth is the sum of her financial assets and liabilities. Homes, vehicles, various types of Alyona’s bank accounts, money. In addition to Alyona Yarushina, stocks and bonds are all financial assets that add to Alyona’s net worth. 

Furthermore, you’ve recently heard about Alyona Yarushina and are curious about her net worth. So, let us clarify that Alyona Yarushina is estimated to have a net worth of $1 Million – $5 Million. Alyona has amassed significant wealth due to her successful career as a Musical Artist. Regardless, given Alyona’s age, that is a significant sum of money.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is Alyona Yarushina famous?

Alyona is famous for being a prosperous YouTube Star.

Where is Alyona Yarushina from?

Alyona Yarushina is from Russia.

How tall is Alyona Yarushina?

Alyona Yarushina height is Not available.

How much does Alyona Yarushina earn?

Alyona Yarushina net worth is between $1 Million – $5 Million.

Is Alyona Yarushina married?

Yes, Alyona Yarushina is married to Konstantin Lashkevich.

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