All the Light We Cannot See Season 1: Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot, trailer, And Other Important Details!

Netflix has always been known for pushing for content that represents the less represented in society. The upcoming project, All the Lights we cannot see, will feature a real-life visually impaired girl who will play the series lead. The inclusion and representation will positively impact the blind and visually impaired girls in society as it will reassure them that they are enough and matter just like everyone else.

Shawn Levy (Free Guy) and Steven Knight will be adapting the war series based on the Pulitzer award-winning novel of the same name. Levy is famous for creating Stranger Things and Knight for Peaky Blinders, and it is, without a doubt, the series will be a hit. Here is everything we know about the war series.

All the Light We Cannot See Season 1 Release Date:

Netflix is yet to update when the All the Light series is released. The show’s filming occurred in Budapest, Saint-Malo, and Villefranche de Rouergue. The show filming warped up, and there might be chances that the series will be released either before 2022 ends or early next year. Until we get official updates from Netflix, we will take our chances on the series release before next year.

All the Light We Cannot See Season 1 Plot:

The series is an adaptation of the award-winning novel of the same name, and it follows the story of two teenagers. Maurie Laure lives in Paris, just near her father’s workplace. When she turns 12, they are forced to flee to Saint-Malo, Marie’s uncle’s residence, when the Nazis occupy Paris. When they flee, they carry one of the museum’s most priceless yet dangerous properties.

In another mining town in Germany, Werner Pfenning is an orphan boy who lives with his younger sister. They grow up with a radio that tells them news of places and people they have never seen or never imagined seeing. Soon enough, he becomes an expert at building communication instruments and gets recruited to use his talents and track down the resistance. His interaction with Marie illuminated that people always try to be good to one another, no matter the case.

All the Light We Cannot See Season 1 Cast:

Netflix’s requirement for their lead role was for the actress to be either blind or low vision. After searching for two months, they recruited Aria Mia Loberti, the disability rights activist. She is set to play Maurie Laurie, the blind girl French Teenager. She will be casting alongside Mark Ruffalo and Hugh Laurie (Avenue 5). Ruffalo, famously known as Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will play Daniel Leblanc, Marie Laurie’s dad. Laurie plays Etienne LeBlanc, an ex-veteran with severe PTSD. Other casts include Louis Hoffman as Werner Pfenning, Andrea Deck as Sandrina, and Lars Eidinger as Sergeant Major Reinhold.

All the Light We Cannot See Season 1 Trailer:

So far, we do not know when the Netflix series will receive a trailer, but since the filming has already been wrapped up, it may be soon. The show might receive its trailer before the year ends or early 2023. As we wait for the series trailer, you can watch other shows on Netflix. Since the series creator is Shawn Levy, you can watch his other show, Stranger Things. The show focuses on several mysterious occurrences in the town and the impacts the occurrences have on the children.

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