The Right Stuff (2020) : Disney+ TV Series Release Date Revealed with New Trailer!

Be ready with your Disney+ subscriptions because it is about to introduce us to a series that you don’t wanna miss. We know the official release date of the show, and the fans are waiting for it. This series will make history fun to learn as it spotlights one of the most significant events in the history of mankind. Yeah, we know that the writers take some Liberty to add the show’s drama, but it is fun to watch. entioned here.

The Right Stuff  Release date : When will it release on Disney+ ?

We heard about the show on 25th July 2017 for the first time. Since the first words about the show, fans are restless to watch the story of American heroes. Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way is producing the series with Warmer Horizon Television. The show is releasing in various countries on the same day, and we are anticipating that it is gonna make a groundbreaking entry on the box office. Production is already complete, which is excellent news as it means that the pandemic cannot stop its release. So keep your popcorn ready for the premiere on 9th October 2020. You will get two back to back episodes on 9th October, and then the series will follow the traditional method of one episode per week. 

The Right Stuff Cast : Who can be in it?

The list is very long, so let us tell you the significant roles. Patrick J. Adams will play John Glenn, one of the most influential characters of the show. Alongside Patrick, we have Eric Ladin, Patrick Fischler, James Lafferty, Shannon Lucio, Jake McDorman, and Jackson Pace as Chris Kraft, Bob Gilruth, Scott Carpenter, Louise Shepard, Alan Shepard, and Glynn, respectively. Other names that will be around in the series are Eloise Mumford, Micah Stock, Michael Trotter, Nora Zehetner, etc. This cast is just the right stuff for the show!

The Right Stuff Cast

The Right Stuff  Episodes :

It will have eight episodes out of which the first and second, titled Sierra Hotel and Goodies, will premiere on 9th October. We found out the titles of other episodes, and they are Amaryllis, Ham, Single Combat Woman, The Kona Kai Science, Ziggurat, and Spacecraft! This series originated in the US and is all set to hit the screens in Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Uk, India, Italy, and Japan.

The Right Stuff Episodes

The Right Stuff Plot: What is it About?

The Right Stuff is an adaptation of a book (the same name) written by Tom Wolfe. If you feel like your eyes have already seen it, don’t worry, you do not imagine stuff; this book also has an adaptation in the form of a movie, The Right Stuff 1983. The series is based on the Mercury seven mission. The US’s seven best pilots were gathered to test the aircraft and rockets and engrave their name in history as heroes. These astronauts compete to get the chance to set foot on the Moon. A competition that already has made them celebrities, what is left to see now is, will this competition kill them, or will it make them immortal?

The Right Stuff Trailer :

National Geographic dropped the trailer on 20th August 2020, and it is looking good! You can listen to the inspirational words throughout the trailer. 

You can also watch the trailer of the movie of 1983 and let us know which one you like better.

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