Aliya Janell: Dancer, Model, Age, Height, Choreography, Net Worth !

Aliya Janell is a celebrity dancer, choreographer, and model. She has amassed millions of followers because of her infectious energy and impeccable style. Queens Nettos is a popular heel dancing crew that Aliya created. QueensN’Lettos was founded by her as well!

Aliya Janell’s charisma and flair for the dramatic have helped turn “QNL ” into a global phenomenon. She argues that “QNL” is more than just a dancing style and it’s a way of life. Artists like Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj are among her credits. So, let’s talk about Aliya Janell and her fortune right now.

Aliya Janell Early Life:

Full Real Name Aliya Janell
Family Name Janell
Profession Dance Choreographer
Date Of Birth October 16th, 1994
Age 28 years old
Birthday October 16th
Year Of Birth 1994
Nick Name Aliya
Current Residence USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Religion Christianity

Aliya Janell was born in Los Angeles, California, on October 16, 1994. She is of American ancestry and has a racially diverse blend of ethnicities. We also don’t know very much about Aliya’s early life.

Aliya Janell Education:

Highest Qualification Not Found
University Under Review
College UCLA College
High School Not Found

Janell’s lifelong ambition was to become a famous dancer in the entertainment business. No question, too, that everyone in the family was on board. But in terms of her schooling, Janell was a part of UCLA College. Not only this, but we also keep an eye out for information such as major and graduation year. However, we are putting an eye on things and will advance Aliya’s schooling once we get more data.

Aliya Janell Family:

Father Kevin Young
Mother Not Known
Grandfather Under Review
Grandmother Under Review

Aliya’s father’s name is Kevin Young, and her mother’s identity has been kept private. When she was fresh, her parents split up. Maybe that’s why Aliya’s mom calls him Baby Daddy. The mother’s name is a long shot, but so is any information on the siblings. But now we know that her mom is Caucasian and from the Philippines.

Because of this, she acknowledges that her ebony skin and Filipino features are a product of her parents’ ancestry. Aliya takes pride in being both black and Filipino. We also want to update this post regarding Aliya Janell’s relatives to provide credible details.

Aliya Janell Signs:

Sun Sign Libra

Aliya Janell’s birthday is October 16, 1994, making her 27 years old in 2022. Our investigation indicates that Aliya Janell was born under the sign of Libra.

Aliya Janell Physical Stats:

Weight In Kg 56 kg
Weight In Lbs 125 lbs
Height In Feet 5′ 8″
Height In Meter 1.72 m
Measurement 33-24-33
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown

Aliya has a height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) and 125 pounds (56 kg). She is 33-22-33 in circumference. Aliya Janell is a phenomenal dancer who rose to fame due to her ability to perform in high heels. Janell’s forte lies in the fact that she is both strong and well-organized.

Most of the time, Aliya is motivated to exercise by the benefits of maintaining a healthy physique. Being a dancer, she apprehends the importance of physical fitness and has adopted a similarly trim physique. Black hair and eyes play a starring part in completing the physical appearance.

Relationship Status of Aliya Janell:

Marital Status single
Partner Name Tallie Brinson
Relationship Status Engaged

Aliya Janell’s relationship status, single or married, is another topic of attention. Our attention has come to our attention that Aliya Janell is engaged, and we can confirm this news. Aliya is a very beautiful and skillful woman, so it shouldn’t be a major surprise that she has found a partner in her profession.

Even though it may come as a shock, the diva has proposed to Tallie Brinson. Tallie is a dancer and a challenger on America’s Best Dance Crew if any readers here are in the dark. They began dating years ago after meeting on the job. When they decided to become engaged with each other, things improved. 

That’s right, Brinson invited Aliya on her trip, and she said yes. A proposal was made in October 2018, and the couple is now engaged. It’s been two years since their engagement, but no major developments have occurred. Janell says they are putting more energy into their professional life right now.

Engagement Ring

The ball got rolling in August of 2021. Aliya begged Brinson to let her swap out her engagement ring in a video aired on his YouTube account. In 2018, the world learned that two adorable couples had become engaged. Aliya’s Instagram feed once included a photo of her engagement ring. Some of her followers, however, saw her desire to swap out the ring as materialistic and ingratitude. The video shows that Brinson loves his girlfriend very much, and while we can’t speak to their relationship in any other way, we can assure our readers of that.

Aliya Janell Career:

Aliya Janell is a famous dancer, model, and choreographer. She is a popular dancer on the internet who has been featured in many music videos and performed in front of live audiences.

After graduating high school, she worked as a waitress at Octopus, a Japanese restaurant in Burbank, which provided the financial stability she needed to continue her dance training. Then, when she was 19 years old, she began taking dance courses at the prestigious Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles.

As of 2021, the talented dancer had amassed over 2 million followers on Instagram, where she had published short cover dance videos.

Janell enjoys dancing in a pair of faux-leather heeled sandals because she says they keep her foot in place and are comfortable to wear on stage. And since 2013, she’s been managing her own self-titled YouTube channel. More than 2 million people are currently subscribed to the channel. She uploads videos of herself singing cover versions of hit songs and doing vlogs.

She has become a household name thanks to the success of her dancing empire on YouTube. Yes, she also has a channel on YouTube where she shares dance tutorials with her followers. Level Up, Ciara, Aliya Janell Choreography, Queens and Letters, and many more are just a few of the chain’s most-watched videos. T-shirts, posters, phone grips, and more featuring Aliya have become a hot commodity due to her widespread fame. Aliya has gained a large following on Instagram because of the sultry photos she often posts of herself. Her improvement has been more systematic, but she should still take great pride in it. Readers will be made aware of the potential end purpose of movies as time goes on.

Aliya Janell Social Appearance:


Aliya Janell has a large fan base because of her success as a dancer, model, and choreographer. She is also widely recognized for her beautiful photography; her @thealiyajanell Instagram account has 2.4 million followers. In addition, Aliya Janell has 11.7 thousand followers on Twitter (@AliyaJanell) and having 2.24 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Aliya Janell Net Worth:

Net Worth $2 million USD

The amount of Aliya Janell’s assets minus her debts is her net worth. Aliya’s money, property, and bank accounts are traditional and nontraditional. Aliya Janell’s wealth is increased by her assets and investments in stocks and bonds.

In addition, you have heard of Aliya Janell and are intrigued by her wealth. Let it be known that Aliya Janell is a successful choreographer, dancer, and model with a net worth of $1–$5 million. Regardless, that is a considerable sum taking Aliya’s age into account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Aliya Janell?

Aliya Janell is a celebrity dancer, choreographer, and model. She has amassed millions of followers because of her infectious energy and impeccable style.

What is the height and weight of Aliya Janell?

Aliya has a height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) and 125 pounds (56 kg). She is 33-22-33 in circumference.

What is the net worth of Aliya Janell?

Aliya Janell is a successful choreographer, dancer, and model with a net worth of $1–$5 million.

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