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Zion Kuwonu is an emerging singer and dancer in the brand-new group PRETTYMUCH. Videos of Zion singing and dancing that he posted to his Instagram page marked the beginning of his rise to fame. He caught Simon Cowell’s eye through his tenacity. After recognizing Zion’s enormous talent, the producer encouraged him to apply for the musical team. He currently performs with Nick, Edwin, Brandon, and Austin.

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Zion Kuwonu Early Life:

Full Real Name Zion Kuwonu
Profession pop singer, dancer and Instagram star
Date Of Birth June 29th, 1999
Age 23
Birthday June 29th
Year Of Birth 1999
Current Residence Los Angeles, California
Country United States
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Christianity

He began displaying his singing and dancing skills on Instagram in December 2014. His ethnicity is mixed. He has both African and Irish roots.

Zion Kuwonu Education:

High School St. Mathew High School

He was a proud attendee of St. Matthew’s High School where he laid the foundation for his future success. The experiences gained in those halls continue to guide his life, shaping his perspectives and decisions.

Zion Kuwonu Family:

Father Prosper Kuwonu
Mother Mandy Mclnnis
Brothers Elom
Sisters Kékéli

His birthplace was Canada, but he moved to Los Angeles, California. He has an older sister named Kékéli and a younger brother named Elom. He loves animals. Zion manages to care for his pet Simba despite his hectic schedule.

Zion Kuwonu Zodiac Sign:

Sun Sign Cancer

Zion’s zodiac sign is Cancer, deeply rooted in compassion, joy, and good humor. As a Cancerian, Zion is known to have an empathetic and kind-hearted nature that many adore. With an innate intuition and a strong sense of creativity, Zion can never be in short supply of brilliant ideas. Additionally, Cancerians are also characterized as fiercely loyal, making Zion a friend worth keeping.

Zion Kuwonu Physical Stats:

Weight In Kg 84
Weight In Lbs 185
Height In Feet 6\’2\”
Height In Meter 1.88
Measurement 41-14-34
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Shoe Size 9

Zion Kuwonu is 185 pounds and stands 6 feet two inches (188 centimeters). He looks extremely charming with his dark brown hair and eyes.

Zion Kuwonu Relationship Status:

Marital Status single

Zion and Jazmine Nunez started dating in November 2017. They aren’t together anymore. It is unknown if Zion is dating any women right now.

Zion Kuwonu Career:

Kuwonu kickstarted his career in December 2015 by uploading sensational dance videos and breathtaking song covers on his Instagram account, winning the hearts of thousands of followers. His incredible talents and magnetic presence on social media have captivated audiences worldwide and continue to shine brighter.

Zion Kuwonu Social Appearance:


In addition to music, he has over 488 thousand followers on Instagram. The well-known musician is also popular on Twitter, where his account has more than 106,000 followers. His self-titled YouTube channel and TikTok accounts have over 661 and 195 thousand subscribers, respectively.

Zion Kuwonu Net Worth:

Net Worth $1 Million
Source Of Income singing career

Zion Kuwonu is one of the wealthiest and most well-known media influencers. Our research revealed Zion Kuwonu’s net worth to be $1 million. He has an active Instagram account @zionkuwonu. He has mostly accumulated his riches through a profession in music and social media.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is Zion Kuwonu’s Real Name?

Zion Kuwonu was born Joseph Franklin Bragg into a Jewish family. His ethnicity is mixed. He has both African and Irish roots.

Q2. How Old is Zion Kuwonu?

Zion Kuwonu is 23 years old.

Q3. What is the Net Worth of Zion Kuwonu?

Our research revealed Zion Kuwonu’s net worth to be $1 million.

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