What’s New on Amazon Prime in December 2020!!

New series and many classic TV shows of Amazon Prime are always being kept in the limelight as they are the combos of thrill, romance, crime, humor, horror, and many more genre. Although there are numerous shows on the Amazon Prime network, so you don’t have to be bothered in search of the finest selection of TV shows and series of coming December.

Look below the catalog to find the most viewed shows that will be running and air this coming month of December on Amazon Prime. The Amazon originals have flourished by pouring the incredible TV series and giving quite good competition to the topmost streaming Network, Netflix, in viewership. Perceive the list below of the killing movies and tv series you can view in the coming December on Prime!

Firstly, there are the top choices of Prime Originals that you can only watch if you have a Prime Membership.

Later on, the name of the popular TV shows and movies that will be going to air in December on Amazon prime is listed along with their releasing Date!

Silence On:

Release Date: 1st December

It feels like a career summarisation for the filmmaker who spent his all life exploring his faith in his work. This movie enlightens the importance of religion that will make your move regardless of your Religion’s God.

-Miami Herald

The Royals: Season 3

Release Date: 4th December 

Season 3 of the Royals is at its peak in entertainment when King Simon’s brother Cyrus as featured by Jake Maskall, is on the picture conniving snarkily.

-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Thursday Night Football:

Release Date: 7th December 

They are highly focused on bringing out the customers what they exactly want to watch.

The prime member gets to watch the NFL. For this feature, it’s about to start to get live streaming of Thursday night football matches. For premium members all over the world.

-Jeff Blackburn, SVP, Amazon Business Development

The Grand Tour: Season 2

Release Date: 8th December

The Grand tour of season 2 will be another hit for Amazon Prime. It’s a TV show, but many viewers took this show as too small for the small screen, and it might be possible to view it as a movie.


Jean-Claude Van Johnson

Release Date: 15th December

This movie is a frequently absurd and unexpectedly hilarious movie that will feature in the coming December on Amazon prime.

-Philadelphia Daily News and Inquirer

Humans: Season 2

Release Date: 21st December 

The movie got straight up on the robots that offer a surprise looked at the old team of artificial intelligence that will eventually outstrip human consciousness. This season 2 of HUMANS will be going to appear on 21st December on Amazon Prime.

-Los Angeles Times

The Last Post :

Release Date: 22nd December 

The story of colonials living out the last year of British rule in the country Yemen is picturized in this movie.

The protagonists of the story, Aden and Moffatt, combined straight forward by telling the other level of The Last Post with surprising seriousness and seductive style.

-Sunday Times (UK)

Pete the Cat:

Release Date: 26th December

This animated Prime original series is much more served about Pete’s guitar and theme music that picturized this CatCat so groovy.

This series has scored many high profile musicians as the vocal artist.


Titanic :

Release Date: 31st December 

This sensational movie will be going to appear by the end of this horrible 2020. Many historic compelling tragedies depicted in the lives of two lovers are picturized with the best special effect in the Titanic movie. It will remind you of a dazzling, personal, and exciting experience of your past.

-St. Louis Post Dispatch

Release Date: 1st December 2020

  • Apocalypse Now: (1979)
  • At Close Range (1986)
  • Hannibal (2001)
  • Hitch (2005)
  • Hulk Vs. (2009)
  • In & Out (1997)
  • In Enemy Hands (2003)
  • Light Sleeper (1992)
  • Basic Instinct 2 (2006)
  • Bloodsport (1988)
  • Brothers Grimm (2005)
  • Buffalo 66 (1998)
  • Child’s Play (1988)
  • Dr. Strange (2007)
  • Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990)
  • Hammett (1982)
  • Meet Wally Sparks (1997)
  • Moonstruck (1987)
  • Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow (2008)
  • Planet Hulk (2010)
  • The Final Cut (2004)
  • The Heartbreak Kid (2007)
  • The Invincible Iron Man (2007)
  • The Silence of the Lambs (1991)
  • The Weight of Water (2002)
  • Point Break (1991)
  • Rocky (1976)
  • Rocky II (1979)
  • Rocky III (1982)
  • Rocky IV (1985)
  • Rocky V (1990)
  • Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993)
  • Stigmata (1999)
  • Thor Animated Movie: Tales of Asgard (2011)
  • Ultimate Avengers The Movie (2006)
  • Wristcutters: A Love Story (2007)
  • Ultimate Avengers II (2006)

Release Date: 3rd December 2020

  • Class: Season 1
  • Release Date: 7th December 2020
  • Gun Shy (2017)
  • Thursday Night Football: Saints vs. Falcons (Amazon Exclusive)
  • Aftershock (2012)

Release Date: 8th December 2020

  • Crank 2: High Voltage (2009)
  • Triple 9 (2016)

Release Date: 9th December 2020

  • It comes at Night of 2017

Release Date: 10th December 2020

  • Nightcrawler 2014
  • Rosewater 2014

Release Date: 12th December 2020

  • Foreman 2017

Release Date: 14th December 2020

  • Thursday Night Football: Broncos vs. Colts (Amazon Exclusive)

Release Date: 18th December 2020

  • Doctor Who Christmas Special

Release Date: 21st December 2020

  • Woodshock (2017)

Release Date: 22nd December 2020

  • Monster Trucks (2017)

Release Date: 23rd December 2020

  • Teen Wolf, Season 6
  • Anne of Green Gables, Season 2
  • Banksy Does New York (2014)
  • Someone Marry Barry (2014)

Release Date: 25th December 2020

  • Thursday Night Football: Steelers vs. Texans

Release Date: 28th December 2020

  • Anjelah Johnson: Mahalo & Goodnight (2017)

Release Date: 29th December 2020

  • Rings 2017
  • Release Date: 31st December 2020
  • Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017)
  • Solace (2015)

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