My Name Is Vendetta Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Many More Updates! 

The official trailer for the upcoming Italian film My Name is Vendetta, which will be available on Netflix at the end of November, has been made available. In the criminal drama, My Name Is Vendetta, a former mafioso and his daughter leave the nation but not before plotting their retribution. After his wife and brother-in-law were killed at the hands of their erstwhile enemies, the mafia enforcer and his daughter flew to Milan to plot their revenge. He isn’t the kind to just disappear. 

This seems to be Italy’s answer to movies like Taken or John Wick, in which a family is murdered without the protagonist’s knowledge of his prior life as an enforcer. A high-octane action film about retribution and survival in a small town in northern Italy’s Sudtirol region. Let’s talk about when the first season of My Name Is Vendetta will drop, who will be in it, and who else needs to know.

When can you expect to see the first season of “My Name Is Vendetta” on Netflix?

On November 30th, Netflix will debut the first episode of My Name Is Vendetta.

My Name Is Vendetta Season 1 Cast:

  • Alessandro Gassmann
  • Remo Girone
  • Sinja Dieks
  • Alessio Pratico
  • Gabriele Falsetta
  • Ginevra Francesconi

My Name Is Vendetta Season 1 Official Trailer:

A teaser for the first season of “My Name Is Vendetta” can now be seen on the streaming service Netflix. An ex-con returns to his violent past despite his best efforts to create a fresh life with his new family. With his daughter, he must revert to more primitive methods to survive and get retribution.

My Name Is Vendetta Season 1 Plot: What Will It Be About?

Like Taken and John Wick, My Name is Vendetta is about a father who didn’t tell his family he had formerly worked as an enforcer until after his loved ones had been brutally killed. A fast-paced action, vengeance, and survival thriller set in a quiet village in northern Italy’s Sudtirol region.

The mob enforcer and his daughter travel to Milan after the deaths of the enforcer’s wife and brother-in-law at the hands of their old adversaries. Sofia, a quiet teen, played by Ginevra Francesconi, splits her time between learning to drive off-road and playing hockey. Even to the extent of posting a covert photo of her father, Santo, on Instagram, which she knows would infuriate him.

The promotion alone will make a huge difference in their life. Following a digital breadcrumb, two criminals break into Sofia’s home and brutally kill her mother and uncle, setting off a long-simmering vendetta.

Sofia discovers that Santo has a troubled past as a member of the N’drangheta and that she has been in the dark about the truth her entire life. There is no doubt that Sofia will adopt her father’s history of rage and violence and work with him to exact ruthless vengeance. The screenplay was written by Sandrone Dazieri, Cosimo Gomez, and Andrea Nobile. This fall, on November 30, 2022, you can watch My Name is Vendetta on Netflix.

We have learned nothing else about the first season of My Name Is Vendetta on Netflix. So, stay tuned for further updates.

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