We Were Liars Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Spoiler, Trailer, And Other Details You Must Know

Amazon, once again, is continuing its dominance of book-to-series adaptations with the announcement of the on-screen adaptation of E. Lockhart’s novel We Were Liars. Prime Video has confirmed the news of the series’ development after the rumours began circulating months ago.

Julie Plec, The Vampire Diaries co-creator, will help co-create the upcoming show, and we can already tell that the series will be a success. Plec will be writing the first few episodes of the show, and Adly McKenzie will take over.

With the two experienced and successful creatives behind the series development, the upcoming show might soon be the biggest name on Amazon. Here is everything we know about the upcoming series.

We Were Liars Season 1 Release Date: When can we expect it?

As of April 2023, there is no specific release date for the upcoming series, and since the announcement only came recently, a high chance is that the show will not be coming out anytime soon.

The series is still in its active development stage and will take sometime until the creators come up with a fluid script. The earliest you should expect the series to be released is either before the year ends or early 2024.

 We Were Liars Season 1 Plot: What can it be About?

The series is based on We Were Liars novel, the book that is partly a thriller and a romance. The story unfolds on a fancy, privately owned island by Massachusetts where the wealthy Sinclair Family spend their vacations as they enjoy their opulent lifestyles under the sun.

Unfortunately enough, Cadence goes through a traumatic event that leaves her with no memory of who she is or her family. She loses her memory on the eve of her fifteenth birthday, and two years later, she reunites with Johny, Gat, and Mirren to help her regain her memory.

Plec and McKenzie commented that they had been obsessed with the story for a long time now, and finally, developing it for the screens is a dream come true. They also thanked the author for joining the creative team to make the show successful.

We Were Liars Season 1 Cast: Who will appear in the show?

 As of April 2023, the series cast is yet to be announced, but since the show is still in its early development stage, we expect the cast to be announced in due time. Plec and McKenzie will also be acting as the show’s executive producers alongside Emily Cummins and E.Lockahart.

The show already has talented and phenomenal creators behind the series’ development, and the cast is expected to be as talented as the creators.

We Were Liars Season 1 Trailer: When can we watch it?

A trailer for the series is yet to be released, and will not be coming out anytime soon. The series filming has not started and it may start in mid-2023, a schedule yet to be confirmed. If the series filming starts early, we will see the series trailer either before the year ends or early next year.

In the meantime, there are several shows for you to check out. You can start by streaming The Vampire Diaries, the supernatural series that revolves around Elena, the teenage girl who falls in love with Stefan Salvatore, the 162-year-old vampire. The show is available for streaming on HBO Max, Peacock TV, Prime Video, or Apple tv.

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