Top 10 Best Vodka In The World !

There are several expensive vodka brands on the market, including French vodka, polish vodka, Russian vodka, and U.S. vodka. A decent inexpensive vodka is one of the most versatile spirits globally, and the staple bottle is an ideal supplement to a dinner party from top-shelf vodka. If you’re happier when you’re blended, you can make various the best vodka cocktails that are on our list for any brand.

We’ve collected the top 10 selections for the best vodkas you can enjoy right now. We found a great selection of national and foreign brands that change our vodka vision, whether you’re purchasing a bottle for after-dinner drinks at home or wanting to find a special gift for someone else.

Which country vodka is best?

Beluga Noble, Russia.

What is the purest brand of vodka?

Ketel One

Which is the best vodka for no hangover?


So without further ado, let’s move on to the World’s top ten most popular vodkas! 

10. Russian Standard Vodka

Best For:Budget Drinkers
Made From:Winter Wheat
Country of Origin: Russia
Reasons to Buy:Affordable Price, Premium Taste
Reasons to Avoid:Tastes best when cold

The budget vodka with a luxury taste

You can drink it so pure. If you stand around and ahhing over which bottle to pop into the trolley in the store aisles, you can’t go wrong with it. Russian Standard Vodka is the ultimate luxury vodka tasting without the heavy price, so it is an alternative if you want vodka and don’t want to go like Chase and Gray Goose taste. Just make sure it’s chilled properly in the refrigerator to feel the most of it.

Russian Standard Vodka

9. Skyy Vodka

Best For:Cocktail Making
Made From:American Grains
Country of Origin: USA
Reasons to Buy:Mixes well, Cheap
Reasons to Avoid:Not the tastiest neat

A lovely tasting vodka that makes the perfect cocktail

Skyy Vodka is one of the first vodka made of U.S. grains and water fully. This is a neutral bottle formed by distillation with four columns with flavor and little to no bitterness. This was, however, particularly chic for 2018 due to the top shelves of most swanky bars and clubs. A cheaper vodka usually represents a cheaper taste. But Skyy’s bottle is a bucking trend, promising smooth and budget-friendly degustation of vodka. It is also made a perfect basis for a Martini by the Skyy vodka flavor profile. Test it for the ultimate afternoon drinking cocktail of vermouth and a twist of lemon.

Skyy Vodka

8. Absolut Vodka

Best For:Affordable Ranges of Flavor
Made From:Winter Wheat
Country of Origin: Sweden
Reasons to Buy:Affordable, Range of Flavors
Reasons to Avoid:Not Gluten-Free

A great budget-buy with a range of flavors

It is a worldwide vodka renowned for its classic apothecary bottle and its gentle fragrance of wheat. Produced with local wheat in the Swedish village of Ahus, the product is smooth enough to drink cleanly or can be used as a sweater in cocktails. Absolut is one of the best spirits to have in your cocktail cabinet when friends come over for those of you who need to have a little drinking at your place. It’s fairly drinkable, and it’s not going to smash the bank or anything. If you like the look of the flavors of Ciroc but don’t want to cost too much, absolute is an economical option. Absolut serves fine tastes in a range of drinks in most bars and restaurants. It doesn’t have artificial sugar, unlike many vodkas on the market. This, along with its excellent flavor and top-quality ingredients, makes the brand our world’s finest overall vodka.

Absolut Vodka

7. Stolichnaya Vodka

Best For:All-Rounder
Made From:Wheat and Rye
Country of Origin: Latvia
Reasons to Buy:Neutral Flavor, Filtered with Charcoal
Reasons to Avoid:Tastes Strong

This Latvian vodka is a wonderful choice of vodka for both flavor and price.

This vodka is usually a long cocktail served with lemonade or sparkling water, or you can do it yourself. But if you’re trying to stop the heavy kick of vodka, then avoid it. Stolichnaya must be in your drinks cabinet if you prefer your vodka firmly on the palate Buds. This is a sheer, double distilling, four-filtered, delicious vodka and is made of birch charcoal (all people now love the benefits of charcoal!). And it’s the pure flavor that makes it.

Stolichnaya Vodka

6. Zubrowka Vodka

Best For:Unique Taste
Made From:Rye Flavored with Bison Grass
Country of Origin: Poland
Reasons to Buy:Hand-Harvested, Great
Reasons to Avoid:Not to everyone’s tatse

A vodka infused with Bison Grass

This Botanical Vodka is also a really pleasant and smooth way to make it a must-try for all vodka lovers, but it does not have the same soft touch as the Gray Goose or the Belvedere palette. Zubrowka Vodka is potentially one of the market’s most unique vodkas. It is manually collected in Poland, the only herd of bison on the continent. The infusion of bison grass gives this vodka a mildly floral undertone, gentle and new flavor.

Zubrowka Vodka

5. Ciroc Vodka

Best For:Choice of Flavors
Made From:Grapes
Gluten-Free:Yes (original only)
Country of Origin: France
Reasons to Buy:Lots of Flavors, Good for Cocktails
Reasons to Avoid:Rich taste

A French vodka with lots of different flavors

This ultra-premium vodka is as smooth as expected and promises a cocktail worth enjoying regardless of what it is blended with. The wide variety of infused and flavored vodka from Ciroc, with the white grapes and peach varieties, can also be used by cocktails lovers. If you like to incorporate flavors into your favorite drinks, Ciroc is a perfect vodka. This exclusive vodka brand has everything for everybody, from vanilla to passionfruit. There’s also a spectacular variety of vodka from Ciroc if you are someone who doesn’t want to use plain vodka because you find it a little tasteless. In the French region of Gaillac, the grapes from Ciroc are produced high and distilled before bottling five times. It uses a cold fermentation process to guarantee the finest aromas and has an outstanding and refreshingly different flavor.

Ciroc Vodka

4. Chase Vodka

Best For:Best of British
Made From:Potato
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reasons to Buy:Looks Good, Gluten-Free
Reasons to Avoid:Pricey

A great British vodka

It is the perfect vodka for celiacs because it is only made of potatoes and is best suited to a crunching ice-cold-gluten-free martini right from the fridge. This is the place for somebody who wants to buy a donation to get a gluten-intolerant friend who likes a beer. Chase Vodka is made on the soil for those who love all British things and are currently one of the industry’s leading vodka contenders. You should drink as much as you want, even if it fits in a cocktail particularly well, as it is a little harder to drink.

Chase Vodka

3. Grey Goose

Best For:Drinking Straight
Made From:Winter Wheat
Country of Origin: France
Reasons to Buy:Pretty Bottle, Citrusy
Reasons to Avoid:It goes down a little too easily

It goes down incredibly smoothly

Grey Goose is a wonderfully smooth liquor, where a classic grey goose Cosmo or Vodka Martini can be drunk hardly or whip it. This vodka has very lemon undertones, but it is normally a little smoother to drink well than many other vodkas. High quality makes it a great vodka for a snack or a cocktail blend. It’s a common option in the Bar.  It is a high-quality vodka for a snack or a cocktail combination. It’s a standard bar alternative. Its components can be traced for at least 11 years, and the mark is proud to make it the only product that touches the inside of a Gray Goose bottle. The tastes are also excellent, with an aromatic aroma and an exquisite white Russian chocolate toffee. The scent is good, too.

Grey Goose

2. Belvedere

Best For:Finest Quality
Made From:Rye
Country of Origin: Poland
Reasons to Buy:40% ABV, Award-winning
Reasons to Avoid:Not the cheapest

Award-winning vodka from Poland

Belvedere has an aromatic vodka and is perfect, hanging in the finish with a touch of lemon zest. With its clean entrance and its neutral, refreshing mountain air nose, you can comfortably drink it. It has a black citrus spice palate and is drinkable over ice or served in an ice-cold crystal. This rye’s high starch content yields a smooth soft to vodka, reinforcing its place at the top. Belvedere is a high-quality vodka that can be drunk directly or mixed with your cocktail. It has received several blind degree awards and is deemed high quality without such a heavy price tag. This is the one if you want a middle-range vodka that tastes decent but doesn’t break the bank.


1. Black Cow

Best For:Unique Blend
Made From:Milk
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reasons to Buy:Unique Ingredient, Made in England
Reasons to Avoid:Not the everyone’s taste

Another British vodka, but this one’s made from milk

Where vodka is concerned, the Black Cow Vodka from Dorset is a competitor if you’re following the smoothest of all vodkas. You will taste the traces of cream on your tongue using the same cow’s milk which also makes Trophy-Winning Cheddar – it’s quite strange. If you enjoy vodka and want to do something new or have a gluten allergy, it’s a little strange and different. This vodka is specially made in milk in the south of Great Britain rather than in classical potatoes, wheat, or rye.

Black Cow


Well, For certain people, vodka is either tasteless or would rather ignore the supreme taste of regret; but now you can choose vodka for your palate and even your nutritional requirements. Gluten-free vodkas and even vodkas made with milk are now very widespread as food intolerances and health patterns develop, so if you have any special needs, keep your eyes shielded from these choices.

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