Interview with the Vampire Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot and Everything Fans Need To Know About The Series!!

Vampire-inspired series have been reigning the TV screens since time immemorial, and one of the famous vampire series that series fans still laude up to date is The Originals, a tale about family, succession, and loyalty. The vampire series ran for five seasons and ended sadly with a significant character’s death.

The “Interview With The Vampire” series from the AMC studios is coming next to your screens. Created by Jon Rollins, the series is based on Anne rice’s novel of the same name, and it explores a vampire’s reflection on his past life in an interview. The first season premiered on October 2nd, and here is everything we know about the series’ second season.

Interview with the Vampire Season 2 Release Date:

Fans will not have to wait for an eternity to ascertain that they will see their favorite series progress to the second season. News of the series renewal came ahead of the season one premiere, and the second season will consist of eight seasons, all set in Europe. Expect the show’s second season to be out by 2024, and continue watching the first season’s episodes on AMC.

Interview with the Vampire Season 2 Plot:

The series is an adaptation of Anne Rice’s gothic novel of the same name. The series follows love, immortality, and blood. Louis de Pointe du Luca, a vampire almost two years old, recounts the story of his life as told by the journalist Daniel Molloy. Louis recalls how he has moved from life no different than death to a world where he can now mingle with the high and mighty. His past is full of betrayal, slavery, death, solitude, and raging blood thirst. He also thinks and regrets his decision to embrace the blood thirst, but above all, he loathes his maker, Lestat de Lioncourt. A second season will pick up on the first season’s finale.

Interview with the Vampire Season 2 Cast:

Jacob Anderson plays Louis de Pointe du Lac. It is not the first time Anderson graced our screens as he is famous for playing Grey Worm in the critically acclaimed Game of Thrones. Anderson features alongside Sam Reid, who plays Lestat de Lioncourt, and Eric Bogosian as Daniel Molloy. Other characters include Bailey Bass, Assad  Handler, John DiMaggio, Dana Gourrier, Christina Robinson, Jeff Pope, Chris Stack, and Rae Dawn. So far, we do not know the cast that will feature in the second Interview With The Vampires. Since the show has been renewed for the second season, expect every cast coming out of season one untouched to reprise their roles.

Interview with the Vampire Season 2 Trailer:

A second season of the Interview with the Vampire series is yet to be released, and at the moment, we are not sure of how soon the trailer will be available. The series premiere was less than a month ago, and we still have a long way to go. In the meantime, you should watch the weekly episode’s release. The series is expected to go up till November 13th, when the season finale will be released, and you do not want to miss out on the last bit. AMC also has other shows like Neglected Murderess, expected to premiere, and Mayfair Witches that you may want to check out.

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