Twisted Metal Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Important Details That You Want To Know!

Twisted Metal, the video game franchise that told the story of the Motor mouthed marauder, the car thief, and the clown, will be returning to the live-action series on Peacock. Written, showran, and executive produced by Michael Jonathan Smith, the series will explore the life of a milkman with a compromised memory.

He is given a chance to remember everything but first has to go on a dreaded mission. Lisa Katz, Peacock’s president of scripted content, expressed that they cannot wait to adopt the live-action version of the phenomenal video game.

Twisted Metal Season 1 Release Date:

So far, Peacock has yet to give a specific date for the first season of Twisted Metal will be coming out. Filming, however, wrapped out in August, which is a good sign. There is a slight chance that we may get to see the series before the year ends, but we can’t be too sure. The safest bet at the moment remains to be in 2023.

Twisted Metal Season 1 Plot:

From the Peacock announcement made almost five months ago, Twisted Metal is a live-action show based on the classic Video game franchise of the same name. The game series is a comedy series, and the Twisted Metal live-action will also have a high-octane comedy, just like its adaptation. The series is based on Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick’s takes that explore the life of a motor-mouthed outsider who has a chance of having a better life.

The opportunity for a better life does not come easy, and he has to risk his life to get the better life promised. He is set on a journey to deliver an unknown package to the apocalyptic wasteland, and with the delivery comes absolute danger. With a car thief as his ally, the motor-mouthed outsider has to fight marauders and even clowns to get the package to safety.

Twisted Metal Season 1 Cast:

The series cast announcement came out a while earlier, and Anthony Mackie (Real Steel) will play the show’s lead. He will be cast as John Doe, the outsider who gets attacked by the Marauders. Stephanie Beatriz will play Quiet, the car thief who accompanies John Doe in his escapades. Will Arnet (Murderville) will be voicing Sweet Tooth, a psychotic clown who has been the video game’s highlight for a long time.

Joe Seanoa, the wrestling persona, will also play Sweet Tooth, not voicing but physically on our screen. Thomas Haden will play Agent Stone, the patrolman who g has secure punishments even for the smallest of crimes. Other casts include Neve Campbell (Avalon), Tahj Vaughans, Mike Mitchell, Michael Carollo, Jared Bankers, and Others.

Twisted Metal Season 1 Trailer:

The series trailer is non-existent, but we will update you once Peacock releases it. The show is meant to be an exclusive Peacock project, and the trailer will only be available on Peacock’s official page or their YouTube handle.

In the meantime, you can start planning on getting a peacock subscription, so you do not miss the show premier once it is ready for release. You can also watch other series with the same genre/plot as Twisted Metal; Rain, Bremen Musicians, Trams Los Angeles, and Bugma Begins.

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