Top 10 Tourist Places In Bangalore

Once you decide on Bangalore, ensure that you do not miss the best 10 tourist places to visit in Bangalore, mentioned below as your trip will not be complete without this top 10 tourist places in Bangalore.

1. Wonder La Water Park

Wonder La is the best amusement park in Bangalore city. This simply is not just an amusement park, but a world of breathtaking charm. The amusement park offers innumerable fun rides for kids and teens, including wooden water chute, pipes of different heights and curves to slide through. Among other noteworthy water rides at the park are the vertical drop and artificial wave pools.

wonder la tourist places in bangalore

2. Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park is popular among nature lovers. It is situated 21 km away from the city, this national park is abode of tigers, lions and crocodiles among other animal species.
Tourists can opt for safari trips organised in the park, during which they can see animals in their natural habitat. Apart from tigers, lions, and reptiles, the park provide natural habitat for elephants, leopards, gaurs, jackals and foxes.

Bandhavgarh park tourist places in bangalore

3. Bangalore Palace

Bangalore palace, enclosed by beautiful gardens, is a famous tourist spot in Bangalore. It is now owned by the Mysore Royal family. It is one of the most eye-catching tourist attractions in Bangalore. The wooden structure of the palace along with the splendid carvings both outside and inside the palace depicts various architectural styles and showcases the royal culture. It is said that King Chamarajendra Wadiyar drew his inspiration from the Windsor Castle of London.

bangalore palace tourist places in bangalore

4. Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is a major tourist place in Bangalore, with 300 acres of green foliage. Having been laid down by Lord Cubbon, it is an ideal place for nature lovers and those seeking a calm atmosphere. The Bangalore Aquarium is also situated here, and this aquarium is the second largest aquarium in India. It is also known for its beautiful landscapes. Naturally occurring rocky outcrops have been beautifully integrated with lush green thickets of trees, sprawling flower beds and impressive bamboo groves.

cubbon park tourist places in bangalore

5. UB City Mall

The UB City Mall is located in the Central Business District. UB city mall is just 1.8 km away from M.G. Road – Brigade road junction. The places cover all your needs, ranging from accessories, clothes, bags, shoes of exclusive jewellery by renowned brands of the world. The place is home to all the luxury fashion and beauty brands from all around the globe, where Estee Lauder, Rolex, LouisVuittonn, Burberry and Canali are to name a few.

ub city toutist places in bangalore

6. Tipu Sultan’s Palace

Tipu Sultan’s Palace is located inside the Tipu Sultan Fort. Built between 1781 and 1791, the Emperor referred to it as the ‘Rash-e-Jannat’. Now, Tipu Sultan’s Palace has been converted into a museum and is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. The structure has two storeys and has wonderful wooden carvings that adorn the columns and balconies.

tipu palace tourist places in bangalore

7.   ISKCON  Temple

ISKCON is a cultural complex accommodating dedicated deities of Sri Sri Krishna Balarama, Sri Sri Nitai Gauranga, Sri Sri Radha Krishnachandra, Sri Srinivasa Govinda and Sri Prahlada Narasimha. It is situated in the northern region of the city. The shrine features a gold-plated Dwajastambha, a 17-metre tall flag post and 8.5-meter gold plated Kalash Shikara. Maintained by ISCKON Society, The Iskcon Temple in Bangalore turns into an object of beauty in the nightlight and the singsong voices singing the Krishna hymns will bring peace to your mind.

iskcon tourist places in bangalore

8.  HAL Aerospace Museum

It is India’s first Aerospace museum established by HAL (Hindustan Aeronautical Limited) in 2001. The place is a must visit for all the people wishing to witness the growth and glory of the Indian Aviation Industry through the passage of time. They also have flight simulators – one for children and another for people above sixteen years. Both allow a pretty decent flying experience.

hal tourist places in bangalore

9. Chunchi Falls

Chunchi falls, is almost 50 feet high cascade of  the falls. The best time to visit this fall would be right after the monsoon when there is enough water in the Arkavathi river. There is a power station ahead of Chunchi falls. After the power station is installed, the amount of water has reduced significantly here . One should not try to step closer to the falls, it might be risky and dangerous. Chunchi falls has witnessed accidents before. There is no entry fee to this place. However, one should not stay there until late evening. As the place is deserted, the chances of mishaps are pretty high.

chunchi falls tourist places in bangalore

10. Innovative Film City

It is about 40 kilometers from the heart of Bangalore city and it is spread across 50 acres of land. The place is divided into three parts being the Innovative Attractions which includes amusement parks, rides, museums, etc. Innovative Style includes shopping, eating, relaxing, etc. and Innovative Studio that has an academy and a studio used to film movies.

innovative city tourist places in bangalore

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