Netflix’s Crime Series ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Volume 2 Review!

Unsolved Mysteries is returning to Netflix to solve true-crime and supernatural cases. In fact, this is the second half of season 1, called volume 2. However, don’t search for season 2 on Netflix. Rather these new episodes will be added in season 1 itself.

Unsolved Mysteries is an unbelievable show that comes back to Netflix after being originally released 34 years ago. Volume 1 had six episodes to find out what happened in these mysteries.

What’s the title of Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 Episodes?

When Netflix officially announced about Volume 2 and shared its trailer with all of us, Netflix also revealed the titles of the volume 2 episodes: 

Episode 1: Tsunami Spirits

Episode 2: Stolen Kids

Episode 3: Lady in the Lake

Episode 4: Washington Insider Murder

Episode 5: A Death in Oslo

Episode 6: Death Row Fugitive

Unsolved Mysteries Volume 1 focuses primarily on international mystery cases. We all are hoping this will proceed in Volume 2. As per co-creator Terry Dunn Meurer, Netflix is such a streaming channel in which we can create international stories and share them with the audience around the world. So that they can solve all unsolved mysteries of stories.

What’s the Audience Review?

The six new episodes are being conducted imaginatively, anticipating mysterious and dreadful events.

Viewers are showing their willingness to help unravel the show’s horrible, creepy, and monotonous incredible stories. Many people share their thoughts on what exactly has happened in each case. They are also making suggestions on the website.

The volume 1 episode analyzing Alonzo Brooks’ death motivated the FBI to reconsider the happening. The second volume, just launched on Netflix, investigates more unexplained disappearances, tragic incidents, and shocking events. 

A synopsis of the episode “A Death in Oslo” watched by Yahoo Entertainment: A dead woman was found in a hotel room in Oslo, Norway. It seemed like suicide. But she had not any identity, her briefcase existed 25 rounds of weapons, and there were no reports of her disappearance. Who was this lady, and could it be that she is part of a secret intelligence bureau?

The new episodes will also encompass the case of a death row fugitive, a prior White House partner was found deceased in landfills, a tale of ghosts who haunted a city after a destructive tsunami. Also, unravel the incident of a woman’s dead body that was found in a river and the unsolved case of two children who disappeared from a playground in the 1980s.

I can’t choose an episode as my favorite because I like more than one, and all the mysteries are so interesting. These mysteries will evoke your feelings and the injustice of the world. Keep remember one thing, none of these cases or mysteries has ever been resolved.

When did Netflix Premiere Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2?

Fans are originally excited for more episodes since the first volume was launched. Netflix released Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 on Monday, October 19, 2020, on Netflix.

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