Top Ten Scary Movies

Top Ten Scary Movies

Here are the list of top ten scary movies



This is the 98 % scorer scary movie. its not an ordinary movie. It tells the story of a mother who is dying to control her young son who is distress by visions of a monster he thinks is coming to kill them. He may be right.


If you’ve not seen it, you’ve heard of it. The Omen, starring Gregory Peck as the married diplomat who adopts the Antichrist which the one hang herself and kill others too in the same way, one of most panic stories ever committed before, and it’s also on Netflix you should have a brave heart to watch it.



The one that re-started it all, the effect of late Wes Craven’s 1996 teen slasher, itself criticized by means of satire a decade earlier, continues to be felt 18 years on. A small premise murderer masked and targeting a group of attractive high schoolers.



We’re never not freaked out every time a bowl-haired youngster finds themselves possessed by wrong doing spirits. Hollywood just gets it. And they’ve certainly not let up for this riveting horror, which sees a couple fight supernatural forces when their son enters a comatose state, finding himself becoming the host for ghosts from an astral dimension. Whatever you do, don’t watch it alone.

Event Horizon

event horizon

The story tells about the person of Event Horizon, one of the space team sent to investigate a vessel that disappeared into a black hole only to come back with the original crew all dead and mutilated. Think Danny Boyle’s unnerving Sunshine, just with much more gore seriously, this give The Shining a run from its money in litres of blood. A sci-fi horror of the highest order.

An American Werewolf in London

An American Werewolf in London

Financiers believed that the script was too frightening to be a comedy and too funny to be a scary movie. This, the director believed, was because he was only known for The Blues Brothers and Animal House at that time – but make no mistake, this cult classic, charting the hijinks of two US backpackers terrorised by a werewolf on a trip to England, has plenty of bite.

Devil Inside

The Devil Inside

20 years after a woman murdered three people, her daughter Isabella travels to a hospital for the criminally insane to work out if her mother is suffering from delusions or actual demonic possession. Unfortunately it’s the latter and it isn’t long before she’s recruiting two exorcists to help her fight back for her mother’s soul. And if that doesn’t grab your attention, just look at that image.



Remake. Reboot. Retelling. However you phrase it, this update of 1976’s horror based on Stephen King’s classic story of the same name is madly disturbing. Chloe Grace Mortez plays the introvert teen with hidden paranormal powers, Julianne Moore plays her fervently religious mother, and the rest of the town watch in blood-splatted horror as Carrie unleashes them when pushed too far at senior prom.

Human Centipede: Final sequence

The Human Centipede

Though it will never be as revered as The Godfather series, much like Francis Ford Coppola’s classic, The Human Centipede is a trilogy of films now synonymous with animal mutilation. Quite a lot of it in fact, and arguably far too much. We’d go into detail but the title and photograph here pretty much gives it away. Besides, we’re afraid we’d get a bit of sick in our mouths just trying to explain it.

Blair witch project

The Blair Witch Project

In 1999, three student filmmakers attempting to make a documentary on a Maryland legend known as the Blair Witch just disappeared. The trio were never seen again, save for the tapes that they left behind in those dark woods which showed their nerve-jangling final moments. Spoiler alert: they don’t stumble on a teddy bear’s picnic.

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