Top 10 Tamil Story Authors

1. Bharati Dasan

Bharati Dasan (1891-1964) was a prolific poet, playwright, lyricist and screenplay writer.


2. C.S.Chellappa

C.S. Chellappa (b. 1912) is one of the most prominent modern short story writers in Tamil. Vadivasal (1959) is one of Chellappa’s famous novelettes.

3. Durai Manickam

Durai Manickam is one of the important modern Tamil poets, who is credited with prolific works like Aiyai, Nurasiriyam, Koyyakkani, Ensuvai Enbatu and Paviyakkottu.

4. Ilanko Adigal

Ilanko Adigal was the 9th century Tamil poet who composed the five great epics of ancient Tamil literature: Chilappatikaram.

5. Indira Parthasarathy

Indira Parthasarathy (b. 1930) is one of the brilliant writers of modern fiction in Tamil. He has written over fifteen novels.

6. Jayamohan

Regarded as Tamil’s first post-modernist writer, Jayamohan shot to fame with his novel Vishnupuranam. His other notable works include Rubber and Pinthudarum Nizhalin Kural.

7. Kamban

Kamban was the greatest of the court poets of Kulottunga Chola III (1178-1218 AD). He adapted Valmiki’s Ramayana in Tamil in his Ramakatai or Kamba Ramayanam.

8. Mayuram Vedanayakam Pillai

Mayuram Vedanayakam Pillai (1826-1889) was a gifted composer of Tamil lyrics and was the pioneer of Tamil novel.

9. M.Varadarajan

M.Varadarajan (1912-1974) experimented with several new techniques in Tamil novels. His famous works include Perra Manam (1953), Karittundu (1953), Ahalvilakku, Sentamarai and Mankudisai.

10. a) Rajam Krishnan

Rajam Krishnan (b. 1925) is an eminent female Tamil novelist, whose important works include Verukku Nir (1972) that won her the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1973.

b) R.Krishnamurthi

R. Krishnamurthi ‘Kalki’ (1899-1954) is regarded as one of the pioneers of Tamil novel, who popularised novel by dealing with social and contemporary issues like emancipation of Harijans

c) R.Shanmugasundaram

R. Shanmugasundaram (1918-77) belonged to the Manikkodi group of writers who ushered in the modern era in Tamil fiction. Shanmugasundaram distinguished himself as a novelist

d) Sa.Kandasamy

Sa. Kandasamy (b. 1940) belongs to that brand of young Tamil writers who believe in experimentation to achieve novelty and perfection in writing

e) Subramania Bharati

Subramanya Bharati (1882-1921) was one of the greatest of Tamil litterateurs of the modern times. He is renowned for his patriotic and devotional songs and intense prose writings

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