Top 10 Ideas to Impress a Girl


1. Looking Cool

Its is very important to make yourself fresh always when you in front of the girl. Take you own look on your cloths, gadgets before you go in front of that girl.

2. Never present

Girls hate that show something, never make a false or something you’re not. Be yourself always and do your best. This will surely impress any girl.

3. Respect and Admiration

Always respect a girl whatever they look like, feel like.  And admire the girl, because girls like it when I admire them, to treat him kindly.

4. Meaningful Speech

Not only for girls meaningless speech doesn’t give a good impression on anyone. While talking to her, did not discuss controversial issues and not talking incessantly. Mainly discuss things that have her interest, and will surely attract your attention.

5. I’m not interested in the best interests

Listen carefully to what she said or where there is an interest. To answer the question quickly and pose questions to her to keep talking about this.

6. Compliment

fulfilled in their eyes, clothes dryer, air and style of speaking, not to mention how hot it was in Fig. The girls love when they met in the appearance or other characteristics.

7. Respect your friends

When it comes to colleagues and friends, the girls are very possessive of them, whether you like it or try to become a good guy who respects his friends.

8. Politeness

We always try to act polite and have the best behavior, because these two things can make you a perfect guy.

9. Humor

Be humorous, at times, because girls love the humor factor in boys jokes and only when necessary, if not try to take things seriously.

10. Be a good listener

As one who can give a shoulder when she is sad, because girls are always emotional to make people laugh with his jokes, and always listen to it.

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