Top 10 Secrets About Vijay

Today a great day for all Vijay fans. As he celebrates his birthday today. As a dedication to Actor Vijay and his fans I am posting this article.

1.He prefers to celebrate his birthday by doing social works and provide free books to economically week students. He will not prefer to celebrate his birthday in hotels.

Vijaybirth Day 5

2.In his 26 years of career he has introduced nearly 20 new film directors.

vijay new

3.He had gone through a minor operation,During Pokiri film shooting due to sudden irritation swelling in his eyes.

vijay pokiri

4.Vijay is very good at walking upside down to make her sister laugh he does it daily. once he walked and surprised everyone by walking upside down from his school to home.

vijay siter 2

5.His Neelangarai beach house was constructed by using the model of Tom Cruise’s beach house. As he got a chance to meet Tom Cruise’s beach house. He was awestruck by the view of the house and took the photos of the same and constructed his beach house.

vijay house

6.As the source said Vijay was a talkative child. After his sister’s death, he became so silent.

vijay sister

7.He shakes his legs in Movie Rowdy Rathore.

8.His favorite destination places are London and Los-Angeles.


9.His salary was 43 Crore at the time of Theri film.


10.He was initially offered for the roles in the films Dhool and Mudhalvan, but due to busy schedule he wasn’t able to take it.


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