The White House Plumbers Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates That You Want To Know!

Almost all shows on the Washington Post focus on the burglary at Watergate Hotel and the two reporters, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward and what ensued after the fallout, but this time around, HBO has another dimension to the story. The series will take a broader perspective at the “Washington Plumbers,” the men who carried out the burglary themselves and the events from beginning to end where they executed the burglary.

David Mendel, the series director, commented that they are bringing something out of the ordinary. Meeting the people responsible for the burglary and understanding how they did it and what effects it left on them.

The White House Plumbers Season 1 Release Date:

The five-part series is expected to be released on HBO, but up till now, the showrunners are yet to give us a specific release date. For all the HBO productions, it does not come as news that the US citizens always have an option to watch the originals on Sky Atlantic, but irrespective of how likely it is, we have to wait for the official confirmation.

The show experienced many problems as production had to be called off due to the unprofessional behavior of the crew on set, but this was later resolved, and production resumed later but with a tighter protocol. If the show’s production completes in time, we should hope for a season one in 2023.

The White House Plumbers Season 1 Cast:

The show’s leading cast consists of Woody Harrelson as Howard Hunt and Lena Headey (Twist) as Dorothy Hunt. Woody is the favorite of most crime dramas fans as he has starred in a couple of movies, including Larry Flint, The Detective, and the born killers, and he will portray Howard.

The former CIA detective, Lena Headey, famous for featuring in Game of Thrones as Cersei, will be portraying Dorothy Hunt, who tries to keep together her family, which is slowly falling apart. Other casts include Justin Theroux (The Mosquito Coast) as Gordon Liddy, Judy Greer (Archer) as Fran Liddy, Kiernan Shiplka as Kean Hunt, Tre Ryder as David Hunt and Rich Sommer (In The Dark) as Egil Krogh.

The White House Plumbers Season 1 Plot:

The series is based on two sources, partly in the available public resources and a book called Integrity by Egil and Mathew Krogh. The show tells the story of two political sabotages who were also the masterminds behind the Watergate Incident.

The show focuses on how E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy came to be tied down to the 1972 burglary; how it started, how it progressed, and how the two successfully succeeded in the massacre, which was eventually traced down to president Nixon’s lacking administration. The show highlights how the two single-handedly led to the decline of the very successful empire they thought they were protecting.

The White House Plumbers Season 1 Trailer:

A trailer of The White House Plumbers is yet to be released, and considering the showrunners are yet to give the green flag, it may take time. If you would like to watch the series once it premieres, then HBO should be the place to make your first stop. Others series of similar genres include The Golden Cage, Strangers of Argo Hill, and the Most Dangerous Man.

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