East of Eden Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Important Updates!

East of Eden is an upcoming show on Netflix that takes the same approach as Cain and Adam in the Bible. Netflix recently landed a deal with John Steinbeck and was given the right to adapt the novel to a limited series. Zoe Kazan (Clickbait) will be in charge of producing the show, and The Blacklist star Florence Pugh will star in the lead role. This won’t be the first time the show will be adapted for the screens as Kazan’s grandfather already adopted it into a film almost thirty years ago. Here is everything we know about the upcoming adaptation.

East of Eden Season 1 Release Date: When will it be aired?

 Currently, we do not know when the East of Eden series will be released. As per Netflix’s last post, the series scripts are still being written and revised, and filming is yet to start. Filming will likely start next year, and considering there is also post-production, the show might be released before the end of 2023. We will update you if Netflix releases any information on the series’ release date.

East of Eden Season 1 Plot: What will happen?

The East of Eden series is an adaptation of a novel of the same name by John Steinbeck. It explores sibling rivalry, cutthroat jealousy, Competition, and murder. The series is set on a Farmland in the Salinas Valley where two families have intertwined destinies. The Trasks and Hamilton’s generation closely follow the Cain and Abel story from the Bible. The Kind Adam from the Trask family and his wild brother. Eventually, Adam marries, but the union will contribute to one of Adams’s misfortunes in life. When he thinks life can’t get any worse, his wife shoots him just after they get kids in a bid to return to her old profession. Adam has to raise their sons solo, which will prove to be one of the most challenging life choices he has ever made.

East of Eden Season 1 Cast: Who will appear?

Florence Pugh, renowned for playing Yelena Belova in The Black Widow series, will star in the upcoming series. Zoë Kazan commented that Pugh is the perfect candidate as he cannot imagine any other character that could bring her part as best as she can. She will star in the lead role in the upcoming series and daughter Elia Kazan. So far, Netflix has yet to name all the casts that will be attached to the project but believe that the announcement will trickle in before the film series. The cast will probably be familiar faces that we have seen in other famous TV shows.

East of Eden Season 1 Trailer: When can we watch it?

 East of Eden is yet to receive its trailer, and it might take a lot of time before we can finally see the series trailer or teaser. Currently, the show is still in its active development stage, which translates to scripts being written and translated; therefore, there is not much going on with the show. Filming will probably start in 2023; if it does, a trailer might be released in the middle of next year. Before the trailer releases, there is a series with the same plot that you may want to check. Kane and Abel, the series streaming on HBO Max, shares the same plot as East of Eden, which will suffice as we await the Eden series release.

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