The Stratford Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Spoiler, Trailer, And Important Details You Must Know

Enter the world of Shakespeare’s characters with a modern twist. Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner, the masterminds behind the hit show Grimm, are set to take the William Shakespeare literary classics in their latest drama series. The Hazy Mills team will be putting into an effort developing The Stratford, the upcoming show, into a series based on present-day America.

The show will be produced in collaboration with Vincent Angel and Universal Tv. We follow the young man on a mission to avenge his father’s death. With Angell as the executive producer and Hayes and Milliners behind the scenes, The Stratford is a nod to Shakespeare’s birthplace and will bring a new perspective to the timeless classics. Here is everything we know about the upcoming series.

The Stratford Season 1 Release Date: When will it air?

There is no set date for the series’ debut, and how soon the series will be available is still a mystery. NBC announced that Angell would be writing the show in 2020, and almost three years later, we are yet to determine whether the series will be available will be getting released or not.

Also yet to update on the episodes the thriller show will have. The most likely number is between 6- 10 episodes, each with a 45 minutes run time. If the series is still coming to NBC, you should expect its release by 2024.

The Stratford Season 1 Plot: What can it be About?

The Stratford, written by Angell, is a captivating series set in a luxurious hotel IN New York City. The show revolves around a young man who embarks on a  journey to track down the people responsible for his father’s death. He searches for the killers in a modern interpretation of the Shakespearean world.

Just by the plot, we can already tell that the upcoming show will take its viewers through a thrilling roller coaster and highlight the ups and down so the protagonist in search of Justice.

The Stratford Season 1 Cast: Who will appear in the show?

As of April 2023, there are no updates on the Stratford series casting, and we are yet to determine how soon the casting news will be available. Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner were to develop the series and act as the show’s co-creators. Currently, we do not know whether the two are behind the series’ development.

Angell was to write the show and act as the executive producer alongside Hazy Mills, but their involvement in the series is currently black and white. If the show is still developing, expect the series casting update to be released before the show debuts. Being a crime and a thriller, you may see your favorite crime series cast.

The Stratford Season 1 Trailer: When can we watch it?

A trailer for the Stratford Series is yet to be released, and will not be coming out. It has been over two years since the series announcement came out, and we are yet to receive any updates on the series’ progress. If the show is still in development and filming has already started, then expect the trailer to be released before the year ends.

If the series development is not in progress, we may never see the series trailer. As we wait, there are other shows to keep you entertained. Found, and Quantum Leap are some of the shows you can check out on NBC.

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