The Prodigal Son Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Other Update That You Must Know!

Is Fox renewed or canceled the serial killing flick, The Prodigal Son, for the third season? The show created by Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver received an average rating for the just-concluded season. Chris previously produced Forever in 2014, while Sklaver worked on The Love Guru (2008). Metacritic gave a rating of 61% from 14 critics, while Rotten Tomatoes delivered an approval rating of 54% from 26 reviewers. The show’s actors are all spread across the globe and quarantined, but it seems all is returning to normal. Also, work seems to be starting in earnest, according to a Twitter post by a cast member, Lou Diamond Phillips. 

Season three of Prodigal Son is far from over. It is more likely that it will not occur than it will. Fox has canceled the series by giving the theory that a New York police department officer must work with his imprisoned serial-killing father in only 33 episodes to assert itself.

This leaves a lot of loose ends, including the brilliant concept that our police character is so proficient at finding himself in the killers’ shoes that he’s afraid the illness is genetic.

However, there is a chance that Prodigal Son Season 3 will air on another network or online site.

But, if the series is revived, what would it entail? We’re pleased you want to know! Here’s everything you liked to know about the finest cop shows that got canceled.

The Prodigal Son Season 3 Release Date: When will it air?

As a result, Season 2, which starred Catherine Zeta-Jones, will be the final season of Prodigal Son. The series is at risk, as it has been canceled by FOX and will not return for fresh episodes. Is there a surprise conclusion? Not at all.

Just after this news, the show’s cast reacted quickly to express their sadness.

It is presently difficult to predict when it airs, but we will keep you updated if a new channel or streaming platform picks up the series.

Fans were left with a cliffhanger ending when FOX TV decided to discontinue the series in May 2021. The Prodigal Son Season 3 official release has not yet been formally revealed or updated.

The Prodigal Son Season 3 Plot: What will happen?

This crime drama follows Malcolm Bright, a criminal profiler that helps the NYPD solve murders. Malcolm’s father is a serial killer, and Malcolm was vital in the apprehension and bringing off his father to justice. Malcolm later becomes the criminal profiler for the NYPD getting into the mind of killers. Malcolm sometimes needs the help of his father in solving crimes.

This puts a great psychological toll on him, making him a regular caller to Dr. Gabrielle Le Deux. There have been no plot releases for the upcoming season; however, so many dots are left to be connected in the second season.

Sklaver stated that he and Fedak had already contacted Fox on their big ideas for season three before the show got canceled. “The spine of the season was Bright becoming his own man,” he stated. “The Dani-Bright relationship was crucial, as was finding a new ‘venue’ for Martin to shine.”

We don’t want to reveal too much because we still believe we’ll be able to tell that tale. In the climax,  Bright killing Martin, on the other hand, was not aiming to cause anyone’s life a bit easier, and I believe our show thrives when all of our actors face challenges.

Bright and Dani kissed, but they won’t be able to get past this. Gil and Jessica are doing well. There are so many areas we could go after this season ends, and that’s what makes it so interesting for us.

The Prodigal Son Season 3 Cast: Who will be in?

The main star cast from the second season of Prodigal Son is expected to return in the coming season. This includes:

  • Thomas Payne stars as the protagonist criminal profiler Malcolm Bright.
  • Michael Sheen (Good Omens) plays the role of Malcolm’s father, a serial killer, Martin Whitley.
  • Bellamy Young plays Malcolm’s mother, Jessica Whitly.
  • Halton Sage stars as Ainsley Whitley, Malcolm’s sister.
  • Lou Diamond Phillips plays the role of Gil Arroyo, the officer that arrested Martin Whitley and a lieutenant with the NYPD. He has since been a surrogate father to Malcolm.
  • Keiko Agena (Gilmore Girls) acts as Dr. Edrisa Tanaka, a Medical Examiner with the NYPD, and she has flairs for Malcolm.

Other cast includes:

Frank Harts (Billions) as Det. Tarmel, Aurora Perrineau (Into The Dark) as Set. Dani Powell, and Charlayne Woodard (Pose) as Dr. Gabrielle Le Deux.

The Prodigal Son Season 3 Trailer: When can we watch it?

The trailer for the third season is not yet out. Since Fox has canceled the series, the teaser is not likely to come yet. The teaser can come only when the renewal of the series is confirmed.

What are your expectations for the upcoming season?

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