Neglected Murderesses Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Information About It!

If you have read any novel by Edward Gorey, then you probably know that he is a prolific writer, sound designer, and Illustrator, and his pieces have an excellent sense of humor. For so long, his writings were not to be adapted into screenplays, but AMC managed to close a deal for the first time after several attempts. One of his series, “Neglected Murderess, “is finally getting an adaptation at AMC but with a condition. All the profits from the show are expected to be donated to several Animal welfare organizations, just as the late Gorey would have wanted.

Neglected Murderesses Season 1 Release Date

The Neglected Murderess release date remains a mystery, and the creators and the distribution channel are yet to say when the series will be ready. The series announcement came in early 2021, but AMC has yet to update us on whether the series is still in development or if we are never getting the series to premiere. The earliest you can expect the Neglected Murderess series to premiere is before 2024.

Neglected Murderesses Season 1 Plot

The Neglected, Murderess is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Edward Gorey. The series explores the lives of twelve fictitious killers. The twelve have different methods and strategies they use to murder their victims. Due to their exciting ways of murdering their victims, it is impossible to get the killers mixed up. One of the killers Nurse J, Rosebeetle, tilts her employer, who topples over a cliff at the Sludge mouth. Another killer Ms. Fledaway, laces her husband’s tea in the spring of 1903 with atropine, a deadly substance. Another one, Miss Q.Urkheimer, brains her fiancé after what she describes as a failure to pick the spare parts she needed at the Glovers lanes.

Neglected Murderesses Season 1 Cast

AMC is yet to give an update on the cast that will be featured in the black comedy drama. Norman Reedus and the production company he owns have been ordered to develop the crime series. Reedus is expected to produce the dramedy executively, and he will get help from Joanne Colona and Amanda Vernon. This will not be the first time Reedus is working with AMC, as he was also involved in ‘The Walking Dead series, the American horror story that premiered on AMC. He also has been cast in the Walking Dead series spinoff. He also hosts the “Ride with Norman Reedus” show on AMC.

Neglected Murderesses Season 1Trailer

The Neglected murders trailer is yet to be released by AMC, and we do not know when it will be ready. The creators behind the series are yet to update us on the crime series development. Since the creators pursued the series adaptation for a long time before they finally got the rights, we do not doubt that the series trailer will be released in due time. In the meantime, you can read the official book by Edward Gorey. There are also other murder series that you can watch, including ‘Killing Eve’ (HULU). The Killing Eve series explores a psychopath killer who eventually falls in love with her hunter.

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