The Falcon And The Winter Soldier : Disney+ Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates That You Need To Know!

Have you been looking forward to MCU’s return to the screens? Marvel Cinematic Universe has been gracing our screens with movie hits! 2020 was not going to be any different until the unexpected pandemic threw production into disarray! The Falcon and the Winter Soldier were set to grace our screens in late August. However, the programs had to be delayed as the pandemic halted the show’s filming in March. So when are you going to the anticipated successor to the Captain America series? And who features in this upcoming series?

The Falcon And The Winter Release Date : When will it premiere?

Initially, we were anticipating an autumn release of the series. But then the launch date was pushed to August 2020 in January. And of course, the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted all activities in every country. The filming of all Marvel’s shows was halted. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier were not spared even though they were just weeks away from being wrapped up. However, it looks like the show has resumed filming in Atlanta after a long delay. There are revelations of new additions to the story by the Atlanta set. Nonetheless, we are expecting to see the show returning to Prague for filming. Fans certainly remember that the show was set for a Prague (Czech Republic) filming before the pandemic. To put icing on the cake, a filming permit from 29th September to 12th October has been spotted in Prague. It is not clear who exactly will feature in the Prague set, but we’ll know by the beginning of October! We could see the film by the end of the year! Or better still, a detailed trailer late this year and the full movie by February!

The Falcon And The Winter Cast : Who will be in?

Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie will reprise their esteemed roles as Bucky Barnes (reformed KGB assassin), better known as winter soldier, and Sam Wilson, known by the codename Falcon! We are also likely to see more faces coming back to MCU for this show! Daniel Bruhl returns as Captain America: Civil War villain (Baron Zemo). The iconic character was spotted donning his infamous masked look on Twitter! Agent Sharon Carter, who has not been present since the Civil War, is also returning to the screens! She is a significant character in Captain America’s journey ns fans would be happy to know how she was affected by the snap! Wyatt Russell, who starred in Black Mirror, is also set to play the role of a Captain America copycat sanctioned by the government!

The Falcon And The Winter Cast

The Falcon And The Winter Plot : What’s going to happen next?

The series features two American heroes (the Falcon and the Winter Soldier) after the retirement of their close ally (Captain America). The series also explores Captain America’s legacy. Fans could be served with a thrill of the two superheroes trying to outdo each other for the Captain America shield! Could we also see Sharon Carter being a love interest to either superhero? Is Zemo coming back as a villain? Fans are set to find out all these in the new series!

The Falcon And The Winter Plot

The Falcon And The Winter Trailer :

There is no specific trailer for the series. However, Marvel could have treated us to a sumptuous trailer of all their upcoming movies, from Loki to WandaVision to the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. It gives us a glimpse of Sam Wilson’s training with Captain America’s iconic shield and Bucky’s new look!

Storyline and Recap of Avengers Endgame :

After the dust settles in Avengers: Endgame, Steve Rogers returns after venturing back into the past to return the infinity stones in their rightful time and space! After living a happy life with Peggy Carter (his first love), he returns as an older man, thus retiring as Captain America. Rogers gives Sam Wilson the shield, but does he have what it takes? Fans are set to find that out in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier! Bucky has also reformed from a KGB Assassin to an American superhero! We will see the two brilliant criminal-fighting duos in action! This is an edge-of-the-seat series!

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