‘Chicago Fire’ Spoiler: Not Returning as Series Regular, Shocking Exit Of Gianna Mackey And Possible Return For Monica Raymund !

Chicago Fire announced goodbye to one of its lead characters in the most recent episode of the show. 

Gianna Mackey left the show last night after exploring a new work environment with further chances for progression.

Adriyan Rae

Undoubtedly, the unexpected leave gave a shock to the NBC series’s fans because Gianna Mackey(Adriyan Rae) only joined the cast a year ago.

Could it be, can we see Mackey later on the show? Co-producer Derek Haas really speculates after viewing all aspects, and he unveils about the departure in an interview after the episode.

He stated to Entertainment Weekly that it’s consistently enjoyable to present another character who acquires new elements to the show. They had a great time rejuvenating Mackey, mainly with her association with Cruz. She had some own reasons to depart Chicago. Totally, You appreciate what an entertainer needs. Everything he can state that Chicago’s team loves her, and he believed that she would be incredible on some other series. Furthermore, she left the show on 51 episodes, so there’s a possibility we could cast her further.

He added that they are continually searching for something to encourage. He doesn’t feel they have told a final farewell to Mackey in Chicago Fire Season 9.

Additionally, Co-maker tended to Monica Raymund is coming back as Gabby Dawson after her takeoff in 2019. He explained that he didn’t have anything but regard, appreciation, and love for Hightown Season Two Cast– Monica Raymund. So he consistently kept the door open for her. Whenever she needs to plunge in and win them, and her fans love once more, they would always welcome her and love to have her.

Monica Raymund

He further said, “he has a few plans this year; he certainly has his all focus on the season end.”

The recent season of Chicago Fire will be shorter than the others, and there are still many stories that need to be explored. Before this season, it was revealed that Cruz’s wife was pregnant with their first child. Do fans need to meet their baby boy before the finale?

In the United States, Chicago Fire telecasts on NBC and Sky Witness in the United Kingdom.

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