The David Project Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More Update Know Here!

Coming to our screens next month is The David Project, a web series written by Pat Dade. The writer is famous for acting in some major hits like Ghosts, Life On the Street, and The Cross. The series will be telling the story of two Leaders, one ruthless and unethical and another solely mentored by a religious leader. Specifically, it will focus on the two leaders’ different leadership styles, comparing their weak points, strong points and what they would have done differently. Will David succeed on his mission to replace Sal?

The David Project Season 1 Release Date:

The web series is set to be released on May 25th, 2022, and considering that it is a web series, you will not need a subscription for that. Whether the series will be released with the pilot series first or entirely is unknown.

Produced and shot by the Screenland Entertainment productions, David Project will consist of five episodes, each portraying the highs and lows of leadership. With a plot as interesting as this one, get ready for the series premiere.

The David Project Season 1 Cast:

James Kiriyama Lem, known for acting in series like the Magnolia Gold case and Malibu’s Most wanted, will direct the show. He has made a career for himself and has even worked with some famous actors and producers. Jataun Gilbert (Love Songs Anthology) will star as David, the young boy grooming to overtake Sal, Oscar Rodriguez as Salvator Rey, the corrupt leader, Azeem Veechio as Jonathan, Rico McClinton as Samul, Saisha Teagues as Abby, and Kasey Inez as Myesha. Other casts include Sara Albrecht as Ramona, Bee Alexander as Mirabel, Franceli Chapman as Jesse Toren Thomas as Big Philly, Micheal Angelo as Boss, Damon Rutledge as Boss, Mathew as Nabal, the poet, and Franceli Varela as Jess.

The David Project Season 1 Plot:

The drama series takes us through the journey of two leaders, the lengths and the struggles they got to maintain their social positions. Original music and psalms spoken words are among the show’s best highlights as they take us through their rise or fall. Salvatory Rey is famous for having strong roots in gangster ways and being one of the most corrupt leaders.

Theft, drugs, murder, and bribery are more like his logo and how he operates; anything to maintain his powerful status quo as a councilman. On the other hand, David is quite the gentleman being made ready by Samuel, A religious leader. Samuel is determined to replace the corrupt Sal with David. David goes from being a young man to a courageous leader to an honorable one to a disgrace, and with each step, he has victories to celebrate. The highs and lows of the series make it an interesting watch.

The David Project Season 1 Trailer:

A sneak peek of the political authorities’ fall from grace to grass is about to be released by the official Website. Since the series will be released in May, we should expect to see a trailer soon enough. As we await the series’ debut, there are several series of the same genre that you will enjoy binging on, and Dhar Mann and The Adam Project are among the best fit.

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