Queen of Passion Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And All The Latest Updates!

The Fever series ended abruptly, with Covid 19 blowing out of proportion. It had to end with only four episodes released, and news of an upcoming sequel has to be the best news so far. Coming to our screens is Queen Of Passion, a series that will pick up from where Fever ended, and this time it will be darker, better, and bigger. With Fever getting a lot of positive reviews, will the sequel maintain the high standards the prequel set?

Queen of Passion Season 1 Release Date:

The series release date has been set for July 2022, but the showrunners have yet to give us a specific release date. The series will contain eight episodes telling the story of the twisted and dark killer out to replace Amber Choe. The run time for the episodes is yet to be released, but being a prequel, it might follow in the footsteps of the initial show.

The initial show received a lot of positive reactions, mostly from the LGBTQ communities and the Asian American community. Now that the show is getting a spinoff, we expect the prequel to be as good as the original one.

Queen of Passion Season 1 Cast:

The show features some very acclaimed actors like Yasmina Obono Nang, famous for s featuring in the series Honor Among The Thieves. She has made something for herself by working as both dancer, an entrepreneur, and a model. She will be featuring in the series playing the role of Cassandra Carter alongside Stu Li as Detective Brian Lee, Lorenzo Anderson as Derek Carter, and Sergio Wright as Captain Brown, Only four cast have been revealed. Since the series features more than four casts, the rest will be received.

Special appearance

The showrunners are yet to announce whether there will be a special appearance but considering that the full cast is yet to be disclosed, there might be possibilities of an impressive cast. Maybe casts that featured in The Fever series.

Queen of Passion Season 1 Plot:

The tv show is the first-ever spinoff of the crime show,” The Fever,” to be ever produced. It takes its sequel’s story, making it more twisted and more dangerous than its original. They have to search for a crime living in the dark, a luxurious thief, nobody, knows about.

Season three of the original show was affected by the Covid 19 pandemic that took the world by a storm in 2019. It saw the show completed with only three episodes in, which is why Queen of Passion is taking over from where it left. Queen of Passion will leave you smitten if you loved watching The Fever.

Queen of Passion Season 1 Trailer:

The crime drama trailer is yet to be released, but since the story is set to be released in July, it won’t be too long before we get a sneak peek of the upcoming series. As we wait for the series trailer, you should check out The Fever, the Queen of passions sequel, which has three seasons out already. The show is available on IMDB, and Netflix also has various, including Vigil, Breaking Bad, Criminal Minds, and Lucifer.

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