The Bends Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline And Other Updates That You Don’t Want To Miss!

Mystery and crime series has to be the most diverse genre, as there are new twists to add to the crime world daily. One day it is the FBI; next, it is the self-made hero; and the other day, it is a female vigilante. Series like Killing Eve have even added unexpected twists, like a detective falling in love with the criminal they are supposed to be on the lookout for. Another upcoming crime series from FX is The Bend, and Paul Attanasio, the Homicide creator, will create it. The upcoming series will be based on Killing Grounds, a novel by Gerald Seymour, and it will explore the life of a nanny who gets hired to uncover the secrets of his employers.

The Bends Season 1 Release Date: When will it be telecasted?

Unfortunately, we have yet to determine when the upcoming series will be released, but we know it will not be any time in 2022. The series is still in its active development stage, and with this, in mind, the earliest you can expect the series to be released is either by 2023 0r 2024. Once ready, the series will be available for streaming on FX.

The Bends Season 1 Plot: What should fans expect?

The plot is based on Killing Ground, the bestseller novel by Gerald Seymour. We are still determining whether the series plot will be loosely based on the novel or just enough adaptation to make another story. It follows the life of a nanny hired by an American Family. To normal eyes, the family is a wealthy household in Berlin, but they have more going on than you could imagine. When they hire the Nanny, the family is unaware that she will try to expose them together with their financial relations. The series could explore more what leads the Nanny to believe that the family has secrets and which organization she works for. It could explore how life will be for the Nanny once the family realizes she is more than a nanny.

The Bends Season 1 Cast: Who will appear?

 The cast that will be featured in the upcoming series is yet to be announced, and since the announcement came in just the other day, the casting announcement might be made once they finish writing the series scripts. However, Paul Attanasio will be developing the series for our screens and acting as the executive producer. The award-winning screenwriter will be directing the series alongside Warren Littlefield. Mike Baker from Hit and Run will then direct the series, produced by The Littlefield Company alongside 29th Television. Other executive producers for the upcoming show include Ann Johnson, Graham Littlefield, Lisa Harrison, and Kathy Cric.

The Bends Season 1 Trailer

A trailer for the series is yet to be released, and currently, we do not know how much longer before we get to see a trailer of The Bend series. The series announcement came in just the other day, and we are sure filming is yet to start. Considering this, the earliest you might expect to see the series trailer is either in 2023 or 2024. Since 2023 is still a  year away, there are several other series that you may want to stream. There are several crime series, including Fargo, Sons of Anarchy, Mayans M.C, The Shield, Under the Banner, and Justified, among many others.

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