That 90s Show Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Other Updates

Sitcoms are the best genres to binge on when you need something to lighten your moods. Shows like Modern Family, Friends, and The Office are considered some of the best sitcoms. Not only do they have a rich plot, but they also portray real-life problems with solutions in the most authentic ways possible. Adding to the vast list of sitcoms is That 90s Show, a Netflix sitcom that was recently released. The show has already been renewed for the second season, and here is everything we know about the upcoming season 2.

That 90s Show Season 2 Release Date: When will it air?

A specific release for the show’s second season is yet to be announced and will not be coming out anytime soon. The series got renewed for a second season on the 2nd of February, and most likely, filming is yet to start. A possible release for the second season of the show is by 2024.

That 90s Show Season 2 Plot: What will Happen?

The plot of the show’s second season is yet to be confirmed, but we can already guess what it will be about. The season one finale showed Leia and Nate getting all cozy, and they were about to kiss until Gwen barged in. Jay also made amends to Leia and asked her to give their relationship a second chance. Season two of the show could explore Leia’s visit to her grandparents. It could explore how Leia feels about Nate and Jay and who she will choose.

Season 1 Review:

According to Decider, you should stream the series as it has most of the original series cast to make the show lively. However, they added that they are unsure if the audience will be content with sitting through the broad scenes to get the good stuff.

That 90s Show Season 2 Cast: Who will be in?

As of March 2023, we do not know the second season casting, who will be reprising their roles, and who will not be returning. It is, however, safe to assume that most of the season 1 cast will be reprising their roles. Callie Harverda will return as Leia Forman, Kurt wood Smith as red Forman, Maxwell Acee      Donovan as Nate, Mace Coronel as Jay, Ashley Aufderheide as Gwen, and Sam Morelos as Nikki. Some secondary characters that you should expect to be back in the second season include Topher Grace as Eric, Laura Prepone as Donna, Wilma Valderrama as Fez, and Andrea Anders as Sherri Runk. We could also expect to see guest appearances in the show’s second season, but until it is updated, we cannot be so sure.

90s show season 2 cast

That 90s Show Season 2 Trailer: When can we watch it?

A trailer for the That 90s show is yet to be released, and unfortunately, it will not be coming out anytime soon. The series was recently renewed for the second season, and most likely, production and filming are yet to start. If filming starts midyear, you should expect the trailer to be released either this year or early next year. The perfect time to expect the show’s trailer or teaser is mid-2024. Before the trailer arrives, you may want to check out the show’s first season if you are yet to. It is available for streaming on Netflix, but you must get a subscription to binge on the show.

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