DJ Snake Releases New Anthem With Selena Gomez’ Selfish Love’ !

DJ Snake and Selena Gomez reunited for their second single, ‘Selfish Love.’ Previously, they collaborated on their record-smashing, four-times platinum hit single ‘Taki Taki’ with Ozuna and Cardi B in September 2018.

The duo took to Twitter to share an animated teaser before releasing the song, mentioning their new collaboration.

Award-winning filmmaker Rodrigo Saavedra directed the video of this bilingual song. “Selfish Love” is beating out songs of “Hold On” by Justin Bieber, “Leave the Door Open” by Bruno Mars and Anderson. Paak’s Silk Sonic and Scary Hours 2 by Drake on Billboard poll.

In 2021, Selfish Love is the first single composed by DJ Snake. He shares his thoughts regarding Selfish Love, and he reported that he was working only on pure good vibes and wanted to create music for the world during the Covid-19 situation. So, he combined all his beloved influences of Afro Beat, Latin music, which felt like something natural and real. After the song “Taki Taki,” Selena and he wanted to share fresh summer vibes with the world. If you have heard it for the first time, you will really feel its warmth. “Selfish love” was a truly natural feeling for them, and he believes that it is the real growth from their past together.

To play on-repeat this single, the song perfectly makes a blend of the electronic dance track with the saxophone’s soft tone and naughty lyrics in Selena’s sassy voice. Apart from the groovy lyrics, it is a sassy song, mainly the chorus giving the track a bit of energy and spunky touch.

This track is the latest addition to Selena’s Spanish language EP- Revelacion, which includes seven songs and schedule to arrive on 12th March. Here’s the full tracklist of Revelacion:

  • ‘Baila Conmigo’ from ‘Dance With Me’ album collaborated with Rauw Alejandro.
  • ‘De Una Vez’ from ‘At Once’ album
  • ‘Damelo To’ from ‘Give It to Me’ album collaborated with Myke Towers
  • ‘Buscando Amor’ from ‘Searching for Love’ album
  • ‘Vicio’ from ‘Addiction’ album
  • ‘Adios’ from ‘Goodbye’ album

In January, her Baila Conmigo topped the music poll of Billboard.

From fan-response, the song has come as a refreshing change from other heart-breaking songs, hope songs, and other songs released during global issues.

Will both artists manage to make another record with ‘Selfish Love’? What do you think about this? You could share with us through the comments.

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