SYFY Uncovers Official Trailer for Alan Tudyk-Starring ‘Resident Alien’ Series!

SYFY has dropped the official trailer for a new sci-fi, Murder Mystery, Doctor Dramedy TV show Resident Alien, featuring Doom Patrol Cast, Alan Tudyk. This SYFY show is an adaptation of a Dark Horse comic of the same name. Moreover, SYFY has also shared the seven minutes of the Resident Alien pilot. We also have updates about the other SYFY series like Magicians, Dominion, Face-Off, Van Helsing, etc.

The seven-minute debut took place at the New York Comic Con 2020 metaverse panel. In these seven minutes, comic fans and TV series viewers are introduced to the resident alien lead, Harry Vanderspiegel. He takes on a human form while serving as a doctor in a small Colorado town.

The official trailer of Resident Alien features several exciting tales about the story that it hopes to engrave throughout the first season’s ten episodes. Once again, the Resident Alien proposed Harry as a human doctor and an extraterrestrial or an alien. A young boy knows about his true identity, but no one believes him.

The remaining cast of the show is Sara Tomko, who features as Asta Twelvetrees; Corey Reynolds, who plays the role of Sheriff Mike Thompson, Alice Wetterlund, who is appearing as D’Arcy Bloom, and Levi Fiehler, who is Mayor Ben Hawthorne in the show.

In this trailer, we also meet characters from Colorado town where Harry presently resides. The Resident Alien trailer not only shows Harry’s recent life on Earth but also unveils a Murder Mystery, which would help him to utilize all his knowledge that he gained while watching Law & Order. Let’s see how Harry can capture a small-town serial killer without disclosing his real identity?

The Resident Alien arrives from UCP in union with Amblin TV and Dark Horse Entertainment. This show was revised to TV by executive producer Chris Sheridan (Family Guy). Mike Richardson (Hellboy) and Keith Goldberg (The Legend of Tarzan) of Dark Horse Entertainment, and Justin Falvey (The Americans) and Darryl Frank (The Americans) of Amblin TV work as executive producers. David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers) also created and directed the pilot of Resident Alien.

Resident Alien telecasts at 10 PM on January 27, 2021, on SYFY. Now enjoy the official trailer for the new sci-fi comedy-drama below, and what’s your expectations from this show, definitely share with us.

Ankita Gupta
Ankita Gupta
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