Selena Gomez’s Kidney Donor and ‘Grown-ish’ Star Francia Raisa Experienced ‘Danger’ On The 405 Freeway In Southern California From Trump Supporters!

Selena Gomes’s kidney donor Francia Raisa elaborated on the scary experience a day back by Trump supporters.

Recently she posts a very emotional video in which she talked about the whole incident that happened in the middle of the Donald Trump rally when she got stuck in between those supporters who had harassed her. It was such a disgusting incident that happened while she was driving her car on the 405 freeway in the premises of Los Angeles.

Suddenly her unintentionally wrong move led her into the Trump rally that was supposed to come as a terrifying experience. According to the 32-year-old lady, she stated the whole incident that how she stuck into the rally and the way Trump supporters pointed at her, literally laughed and didn’t allow her to let it out.

According to her, the supporters felt so violent toward her. She might have crashed over his car. It put her in a situation that might lead her to her death. Through her Instagram post, she is so vocal about all the incidents and criticizes all the Trump supporters for pointing this act as a public stunt by Francis Raisa.

This incident took place in Southern California on the 405 freeway. There is lots of evidence that depicts the Trump Caravan and the flag-waving on all over it.

This Grown-ish star was so crushed after this act by Trump supporters. She also mocked Trump’s most popular Moto “Sarcastically make America Great Again” because what happened to her in that rally wouldn’t probably make the country better. Most of Francia’s fans came forward and posted her video back on their social accounts to increase support for her.

Sending safe wishes, prayers, hugs, and good vibes made them quite supportive. So it’s quite exciting to see that there is still no controversy about Trump supporters, but they might stand up against it and blow fire onto this incident.

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Sophia Wadke
Sophia Wadke
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