Scarface Reboot : Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Other Important Updates That You Want To Know!

Did you guys like Scarface (1983), the Al Pacino one. Even though excessive violence and profanity led to criticism of the movie, it is one of the classics, starring legendary Al Pacino. Well, gear up because you are about to have a reboot of 1983s Scarface, which was a reboot of the 1932s original Scarface starring Paul Muni. Universal Pictures was looking for the perfect cast, perfect script, and ideal direction because of which the movie was delayed for a hell lot of time. We even started to believe that it might never happen! But everything has fallen into place now. It is evident that Scarface fans are going crazy to find out the release date and who is talking about the role which Al Pacino played. We have gathered all the updates in one place for you. 

Scarface Reboot Release date : When can we expect it?

How difficult is it to remake a movie? Turns out, it’s pretty complicated. Let us tell you some of the hardships Universal Pictures went through to get everything in line. At first, there were some problems with the script, and they needed to be corrected. Search for a director was indeed a long journey for Universal. David Ayer was supposed to direct the movie initially, but he backed out in 2017. Then Universal tried to bag the deal with Antoine Fuqua, but no deal! A few months ago, Diego Luna, who was involved with the movie for years, also quit. Everyone ditched out as if the movie was cursed! Finally, we have Luca Guadagnino on the director’s chair. We hope he won’t leave. If things go smoothly from now and the filming begins this year, we can expect to get the movie in the first quarter of 2022.  

Scarface Reboot Cast : Who is in it?

When everyone showed their backs to the movie, the only cast member who was officially announced also quit. Diego Luna (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) revealed in February 2020 that he is not connected to the movie anymore. As of now, there is no official announcement regarding the cast. We are equally excited to see who will play the role Al Pacino did. There has been a rumor going on that Michael B. Jordan is gonna play the lead role. Universal has not clarified on that; let’s see what happens. 

Scarface Reboot Cast

Scarface Reboot Plot : What will happen?

It is a reboot, so we are expecting the film to follow the storyline of the 1983 version. If we follow the plot of 8.3 rated 1983 Scarface, we will have a duo of a refugee and an ex-convict. America is indeed a land of opportunities but the dream of these two is twisted and dark. There was a little difference in the original and1983 version of the film. In the original version, the immigrant was an Italian named Tony Camonte. However, in Pacino’s version, a Cuban guy named Tony Montana rose through underworld Ranks and controlled his empire. And the movie we are about to have is set in Los Angeles with a Mexican as the protagonist. We expect it to be groundbreaking like the previous two were; it will also have something new, just like Guadagnino (director) did with Suspiria‘s remake.

Scarface Reboot Trailer : When can we watch it?

We are guessing that you have figured it out by now. Without completion of the filming, we cannot have a trailer. We will tell you everything if we get any updates. You don’t need to keep sitting hand on hand; you can watch Scarface 1983!

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