Log Horizon Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Every Latest News For Fans!

There are all sorts of addictions in this world, and let me tell you, watching anime is one of them. You start watching; you just cannot stop and, we don’t even want to stop, thanks to Japan for that. Do you agree? Log Horizon is one of those animes; it had a massive fan base. Fans are expecting for the third season of Log Horizon for six years, which is seriously deadly long! We had a release date before the COVID-19 pandemic hit us. So, now the question arises, is it delayed even further? Continue reading, and we will tell you about the cast, plot, release date, and more stuff.

Log Horizon Season 3 Release date : When will it air?

The first season of Log Horizon is aired in October 2013, and people loved it. Following the good ratings, season two aired right after one year, in 2014. After six years, we finally had a release date for the show, and it was supposed to hit the screens in October 2020. But, before it showed up on the screen, COVID-19 showed up! What’s next, the release date is pushed back. NHK announced that Log HorizonEntaku Hōkai will air in January 2021. After such a long wait, it will not be some 100 episodes; season 3 will have 12 episodes! Even though the show is late, fans have a sense of satisfaction as they are sure that they will have a third season.

Log Horizon Season 3 Cast : Who will be in?

There is no official announcement about who will be the new faces in the third season, but we can be sure that the character of season 2 will return. Some of the characters are Shiroe, voiced by Akuna Terashima, Emiri Katou as Akatsuki, Matsuo as Izusu, Tomoaki Maeno as Naotsugu. Other noteworthy names are Naotsugu, voiced by Maeno, and Nyata, voiced by Nakata, etc.

Log Horizon Season 3 Cast

Log Horizon Season 3 Plot : What will happen?

The plot of this anime is what every gamer out there wish for. Thirty thousand hardcore Japanese gamers are dropped into the MMORPG, Elder Tale world. The show’s protagonist is Shiroe, an awkward college student, but in this world, he is full of energy and starts exploring the world as soon as he lands there. Many people say that Log Horizon is like SAO, but the show’s fans say that the only similarity is that it is set up in a gaming world; other than that, it is very different. The first season was much more focused on the surprise and then making up a team or guild. The second season had more openings to the story with adventures and struggles to adjust according to the game. In season 2, Shiroe was trying to overcome his fears, and season three might focus on the invasion of Tenwazavai. There can be so many possibilities that we are just gonna wait to watch.

Log Horizon Season 3 Plot

Log Horizon Season 3 Trailer : When can we watch it?

Fluid animations, a reasonable, intelligent story, cool characters, a fabulous setting, and a solid game-like soundtrack, we all are waiting to get a glimpse of this, but there is no trailer yet. We will update you in a snap whenever we receive any info on season 3. You can watch the trailer of the previous season to understand the basic idea behind the anime.

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