Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, and Katherine Schwarzenegger Defend Chris Pratt Against Online Criticism For Being a Trump Supporter

Recently, Chris Pratt was trending heavily on Twitter just because of his religious views and assumptions made by people that he supports Donald Trump and is against the LGBTQ+ community. The guy is on trending simply because of the belief people made as he never announced that he is supporting Donald Trump or Joe Biden. When people are busy hating, he is engaged on the set of his upcoming movie, Jurassic World: Dominion, it was slated to hit the screens in 2021, but COVID-19 pushed it back to 2022.

Why exactly is it happening?

Amy Berg took to Twitter and asked the followers which Chris they would get rid of if they got the chance; Chris Pratt, Chris Pine, Chris Evans, or Chris Hemsworth? People did not hold back and spilled out all their hate. Some said that Chris is a MAGA, and he is the worst Chris. A user stated that Chris Pratt actively defends his homophobic church, so he should go! Another replied that he supports the church that helps conversion therapy. It has been assumed that Chris Pratt has connections with Hillsong Church, a church accused of being anti-LGBTQ. You can read the whole store in detail here. 

Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, and Katherine Schwarzenegger Defending Chris Pratt.

We noted that Robert Downey Jr. And Mark Ruffalo didn’t tolerate the haters of Chris Pratt. Hulk and Iron Man smashed all the hate against Star-Lord! Robert Downey Jr. took to Instagram to support Pratt; he posted that Chris Pratt is a real Christian who follows the principles and has always been a person who emits positivity and gratitude. Robert Downey Jr. Added that if someone has any problem with Chris, they should delete their social media accounts and work on themselves.

Mark Ruffalo also backed up Chris Pratt and referred to him as a solid man. Ruffalo added that he knows Chris personally, and he has seen the way Chris lives his life. He suggested everyone keep their eyes on the prize and not get distracted.

Katherine Schwarzenegger was right there to support her husband when things got ugly. Katherine jumped right in and said that this is not what we need right now when so much is happening around the world. Katherine tried to show the bigger picture to people, stating that people are struggling and being mean to anyone is not what should be done in today’s world. She added that there we need more love in this world, not meanness and bullying.

Is Chris Pratt supporting Trump?

Chris has never been political, and he never publicly supported Donald Trump. People are assuming that he is a conservative voter. As we mentioned earlier, these assumptions are based on his membership to Hillsong Church, but Chris Pratt defended himself by saying that neither any church defines him, nor is he a spokesperson to any Church. He added that his values represent him, and he goes to a church whose doors are open to everyone.

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